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Angel Healing
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Angel Healing

Angel Healing
Step Into Your Light - Christina Moore
May 21, 2024, 09:00
35 Ewart St, Brighton BN2 9UJ, UK
Meet Your Angels One Day Course

Years ago we worked naturally with the angels. Over time our connection to them became lost and we soon found that life became lonelier and harder.

This workshop is an opportunity for you to reconnect with these divine beings who want to help us every possible way.

Tuning in to the angels is fun and very uplifting. Communicating with the angels opens new doors and opportunities. Working with angels helps you to rebuild the trust you once had in the nature of the universe.

During this one day workshop you will rediscover:

how to connect with these wonderful beings

how to cut cords to free yourself from negative energy

how angels can help you in every day life

the names of the Angels and the purpose of each one

how to cleanse your own energy

the methods in which the angels communicate with us

and much more....

Bringing the angels back into your life is a gift that you will always treasure.

The courses are run in small groups or one to one. Dates can be arranged to suit you.

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Angel Healing
Beings Of Light
May 21, 2024, 09:00
Mental Health Advice & Tips

I can help you with past issues and give advice and tips on how to better your life. I can see through my third eye and receive messageson what you need to do and where you need to be in life.

I can also teach you to remove delusions.

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Angel Healing
Lisa Karasek
May 21, 2024, 13:00
Energy Healing + Intuitive Guidance

I am an expert Quantum Healer and Intuitive Practitioner, able to work across all timelines, lifetimes, and dimensions. I support your ability to shift your state of being, and assist you in your Spiritual and Energetic Development using ancient, multi-dimensional healing and Holistic Metamorphosis (an angelic energy), and consciousness-based practices. I powerfully guide you to a healthier, happier, and more purposeful life. I am dedicated and passionate about helping you work with the dynamics of your self relationship and I believe this is the key to most Mind Body Spirit disease and illness.

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Angel Healing
Colleen S
May 21, 2024, 07:00
Angel Card – 3 Pulls

Do you feel like the Angels have a message for you? Book this session and I will pull 3 cards for you to see what they want to know for now. Prior to this session, or while booking, please can you send through a recent unfiltered photo of yourself with your full name.

Angel cards, in general, are meant to uplift and enlighten. They help encourage growth benevolently, but inclusive as a Tarot card deck can have higher and more in-depth meanings and messages.

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Angel Healing
Astar Elisa GhostSinger
May 22, 2024, 10:00
Angelic Healing


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Angel Healing
Paulamie Das
May 24, 2024, 13:00
Guidance from the “Ascended Flame of the Masters”

During this guidance session, Paulamie will share information that comes forth to you by the ascended Flame.

The information can be of/from,

Past Life/Lives
Akashic Records
Soul Contracts
Karmic Matrix
Life-Tree Pattern
Either the information can come from all sources or some, depending upon what the Higher-Guides (Masters of Light -Hierarchy) consider is important for you to know in situations of,

Career – Job/Business/Life-Purpose
Love-Life + Partner
Energy Blocks

The uniqueness of this sessions, is the Flame and it’s keepers – the Angels + Archangels providing healing to the seeker throughout the session.

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Angel Healing
Vinny long
May 24, 2024, 08:00
I provide Long Distance Healing to anyone in the world

I'm a Reiki master practitioner, I send Long distance Healing to anyone in the world using a ametist pendulum

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Angel Healing
Theresa Kahn-O'Doherty
May 21, 2024, 08:00
Reiki Healing & Training, Intuitive Life Coaching, Intuitive Angel Readings

All services provided can be via: face-to-face, Skype/Zoom Webcam, WhatsApp, FaceTime, Telephone.

Please take note: During Lockdown there are no face-to-face services, however all services on offer can be provide on all other devices mentioned, including Reiki Healing and Training.

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Angel Healing
Feeling Good Therapies Online or in Person
May 21, 2024, 08:00
Uxbridge, UK
Angelic Reiki

Working hand in hand with the Angelic Realms, Ascended Master collective and Galactic Beings, Angelic Reiki offers a profound system of healing and consciousness expansion. It is a powerful means of personal development, transformation and preparation for Ascension. It is the healing for our time.

Angelic Reiki is a powerful healing modality that works with the highest energies of the Angelic Realm to bring about healing and balance on all levels to those receiving the healing energy. With Angelic Reiki we have the possibility for self healing and to send healing to other people, places and situations near and far.
Angelic Reiki draws from the Usui and Shamballa lineages and combines these with powerful transmissions. This is a complete system of energy healing which is open to all. We are attuned and work hand in hand with the Angelic Beings of Light, establishing a conscious and permanent link with the Angelic Dimension.

All Angels are wonderfully loving, serene and incredibly helpful in eliminating limiting beliefs, destructive behaviours, troubling emotions and issues associated with your work, relationships, family and much more.

During an Angelic Reiki Healing Treatment, the practitioner is simply a bridge for the angelic healing energy to pass to the recipient.

Angels are not restricted by time and space. Working together with the Angels and Archangels therefore allows us to reach deeply into all areas which require rebalancing and healing. In multidimensional Angelic Reiki Healing, the recipient is lovingly supported to let go of physical, emotional and karmic imbalances, as well as ancestral issues throughoutall time and space. It is a blessing to give and and receive these angelic healing sessions.

The benefits of angelic reiki

Angelic Reiki Healing may help with:

  • Transmuting trauma on all levels
  • Relieving stress, anxiety and depression
  • Treating the cause of all physical, emotional and mental conditions, bringing immense relief
  • Hyperactive children and those with learning difficulties
  • Relieving chronic fatigue, physical pain and insomnia
  • Healing past life issues
  • Releasing karma
  • Assisting the fulfilment of one's soul purpose and spiritual development

Angelic Reiki Healing is a profoundly relaxing and uplifting experience, and can be carried out distantly anywhere in the world (people are often surprised how powerfully they feel the energy when they are relaxed in their own home and receiving Angelic Reiki distantly).

If you have long standing problems, be they emotional or spiritual, you will require a series of treatments to be truly beneficial. I tend to book clients in for 3 sessions, which can be weekly or fortnightly. Many people then go on to have monthly sessions as they love the beautiful, uplifting, nurturing energy of the angels, and the increasing positive impact in their lives.

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Angel Healing
Evonne Perfect
May 21, 2024, 13:00
Yoga, Crystal and Meditational Healing

I love to improve the lives of those around me. In this package you get, a healing session and Yogic routine. In addition, I send the audio meditation written for you with your intentions along with a written report on Crystals, Crystal layouts, Yoga poses and Chants to establish your goals. Let me explain briefly how I approach your situation.

One part is I am an intuitive Healer who relies on divine guidance. Angels and their input is a part of my system. Gabriel has been appearing to me since as long as I can remember. Being Empathic and Clairempathic are two of the results of the interactions with the Angels.

The second aspect is Yoga and Chakra balancing. Let me teach you specific Yoga poses that nurture your gifts, welcome harmony and abundance into your life.

The Meditations that I write are very detailed as well as inspiring. I believe you can reprogram your brain and create your world by encouraging different thought patterns. Examples of my written meditations are weight loss, overcoming obstacles, overcoming loss, and encouraging self confidence. I take you to your higher self with guided meditations. It is a beautiful process of healing.

Crystals help us the align with different frequencies that we might be missing. Each crystal has its own energetic force. We are energy as are all things and thoughts. I believe crystals help to welcome earth energy and certain angels respond to them. Yoga teachings that I have had value the addition of crystals in mediation, yoga practice and just wearing them. Grids are geometric approaches that have been used for centuries as healing modalities.

I own a crystal store where you can shop at a discount to obtain items that donates profits to charity.

2nd Level Reiki and my use of singing bowls or sound therapy is another approach I use depending upon the needs you have or your interests.

I am an experienced Healer and Yogi, let's bring in the sunshine if a magical smile found in you.

Testimonials are available.

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Angel Healing
Jill Harrison
May 21, 2024, 08:00
Soul Healing Angel Reading – Channeled Angel Reading


Are you feeling spiritually stuck?
Is perhaps your physical world at odds with your spiritual needs?
Do you tend to have more bad days than great days?

Discover which archangel is currently assisting you with your soul lessons. Let your guiding archangel guide you in how to heal your soul and your life. Your Archangel will bring you insight into your current soul situation and how this affects you on a physical, emotional, mental or psychological level.

This soul healing angel reading helps you to understand what part of your soul you came here to heal for your own soul’s growth. Allow your guiding archangel to help you learn how to nurture your own soul’s growth rather than work against it.

Your guiding Archangel will also give you guidance on how you can heal and support your soul, and how this will impact on specific areas of your life that may not necessarily be running smoothly at this time.

Finally, your guiding archangel will reveal what will happen if you follow their guidance and how you can work with your guiding archangel to turn around your life so it is more favourable and fulfilling in every aspect of your life.

This angel reading will help you to understand which archangel to call on when it comes to your own personal and spiritual growth. Let this reading help you access your guiding archangel, so you can find happiness and contentment with the route your life is taking.

Whether you are just looking for pointers on how to polish your own spiritual gifts, or you feel in need of soul healing and upliftment, this particular channelled angel reading can help.

Get to know your own spiritual guiding archangel and develop your own special relationship with them. Your own guiding archangel just wants to help you in any way they can, particularly if you are not feeling life is flowing, joyful and peaceful. Get some divine communication today on your spiritual growth and development, so you can awaken to the life you were meant to live.

With this email angel reading you’ll receive specific personal channelled guidance from your own guiding Archangel so you can carry their guidance with you day after day to refer to as often as you feel you need to. As well as receiving your own personal angel reading, the words will also carry vibrational angel healing from your own guiding archangel.

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Angel Healing
Tanaya Vaidya
May 21, 2024, 03:30
Angel Therapy

Angel Therapy is a form of psychological counselling that integrates traditional counselling techniques with a belief in the reality of angels and the ability of patients to become aware of them. Angel Therapy is a non-denominational spiritual healing method that involves working with your guardian angels and archangels (kind of like the managers of the angel world). Everyone has guardian angels and connecting with them helps create more peace in your life. Believers, well, believe that angels can give clear guidance in many areas—finances, relationships, health, and tapping into your life’s purpose. They’re practical helpers who intervene in our everyday lives.

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