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THIS SOUL HEALING ANGEL READING WILL HELP YOU UNCOVER ASPECTS OF YOUR SOUL THAT CURRENTLY MAY BE BLOCKING YOU FROM LIVING THE LIFE YOU DREAM OF. Are you feeling spiritually stuck? Is perhaps your physical world at odds with your spiritual needs? Do you tend to have more bad days than great days? Discover which archangel is currently assisting you with your soul lessons. Let your guiding archangel guide you in how to heal your soul and your life. Your Archangel will bring you insight into your current soul situation and how this affects you on a physical, emotional, mental or psychological level. This soul healing angel reading helps you to understand what part of your soul you came here to heal for your own soul’s growth. Allow your guiding archangel to help you learn how to nurture your own soul’s growth rather than work against it. Your guiding Archangel will also give you guidance on how you can heal and support your soul, and how this will impact on specific areas of your life that may not necessarily be running smoothly at this time. Finally, your guiding archangel will reveal what will happen if you follow their guidance and how you can work with your guiding archangel to turn around your life so it is more favourable and fulfilling in every aspect of your life. This angel reading will help you to understand which archangel to call on when it comes to your own personal and spiritual growth. Let this reading help you access your guiding archangel, so you can find happiness and contentment with the route your life is taking. Whether you are just looking for pointers on how to polish your own spiritual gifts, or you feel in need of soul healing and upliftment, this particular channelled angel reading can help. Get to know your own spiritual guiding archangel and develop your own special relationship with them. Your own guiding archangel just wants to help you in any way they can, particularly if you are not feeling life is flowing, joyful and peaceful. Get some divine communication today on your spiritual growth and development, so you can awaken to the life you were meant to live. With this email angel reading you’ll receive specific personal channelled guidance from your own guiding Archangel so you can carry their guidance with you day after day to refer to as often as you feel you need to. As well as receiving your own personal angel reading, the words will also carry vibrational angel healing from your own guiding archangel.

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Over 25+ yrs exp as a psychic/trance channel reader and coach. I’m a published author with over 80+ guided meditations. I teach in the UK, USA, Canada and Japan. My sole goal is to help you find your own intuitive strengths, so you can become the best version of yourself you can be. I offer personal channelled angelic readings and hope to help you have a little divine intervention in your life.
2022 years of practice
On Core Spirit since April 2020

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