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What is the role of your spirit guide in your life?

Jul 12, 2022

Your spirit guide is supposed to lead you to your soulmate, help you through your challenges and your situations, present certain people, certain opportunities, certain risks. All these things you are supposed to go through in life your spirit guide does and keeps you on track. Now, I want to let you know this is a big misconception with spirit guides. They do not help you cheat life. So, how many times people are like why did my spirit guy made me meet my ex-husband, why did my spirit guide make me meet that first boyfriend that was so awful to me, so terrible, why did my spirit guide didn’t stop me from meeting that best friend that turned on me and caused these issues within my life. Well, remember that we are here on this earth to learn life lessons. Your spirit guide is meant to lead you through those challenges. We are all put here in this world to learn life lessons. Life is not easy for any of us, but the challenges that you go through in life are meant to make you stronger. I promise you that and what is so incredible is sometimes the biggest challenges that we face here in this world. End up benefiting us at the end. We all have a vulnerable side. There is always a time within our life that we are down, when things happen, when we feel like we get kicked and we get punched and we get thrown down and we wonder why is this happening, is someone looking up out for us, why is God making this happen. Well, your spirit guide leads you through these situations, but what your spirit guide doesn’t tell you is that your spirit guide sees the end result. So, as much as you are angry, upset, hurt, sad, depressed and you are going through this in it and you are literally going through hell here on earth. You might think that your spirit guide is sitting behind doing nothing, but your spirit guide sees how much stronger you are going to become at the end of all this. Your spirit guide sees you going through this and that is what is so amazing, also what is so amazing is the spirit world tells me that at the end of our life is actually when we meet our spirit guide and we meet our loved one and more importantly we meet our guardian angel on the other side and we find out the role that they had within our lives. We find out how our spirit guide helped us, we figure out how our guardian angel helped us.

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Thank you Adnan!

Adnan khan2y ago

well explained role of spirit guide

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