How your spirit guide and your guardian angel work together in your Ife?
Jul 26, 2022

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So, what I want you guys to know is that in tandem your spirit guide and your guardian angel work together through life. Your spirit guide is guiding you to through the show that is happening through life and your guardian angel is like a cheerleader in haven that is saying you are gonna get through it, it’s gonna be good, don’t worry about it, the best is yet to come, it’s going to be fine. What I want you guys to know is that your spirit guide just doesn’t lead you through bad things. Your spirit guide actually leads you to amazing things that happen in your life as well. So, it’s not just the challenges, it’s also the opportunities. Have you ever noticed that sometimes opportunities just randomly fall into your lap, automatically just things start to happen. You might be going down one pathway and then all of the sudden something changes and you are going down a different one and it leads you to meeting your best friends, your significant other and your soulmate. It leads you to finding your real career. Well, what I want you to know is that is your spirit guide at work. Sometimes the coincidences that happen are actually our spirit guides are rearranging haven in a way to make things work for us.

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