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What happen when you miss opportunities in your life?
Sep 21, 2022

All of those decisions that you are meant to make within your life, let’s say you say no to a certain opportunity, that opportunity will keep coming back around again and again until you are ready to take that leap and to make that choice. Well, think about that with you how many opportunities keep presenting itself again and again and maybe you are afraid to take that opportunity. A lot of times this happen with relationships where you might not feel you are ready for a relationship, but this man keeps appearing again and again. Maybe it was someone from your past, maybe back in high school you are supposed to meet a certain person, or maybe you were supposed to date a certain person, or marry them, or whatever it may be and years go by and the next thing that same person reappears within your life and things start off right where it left. Well, that is your spirit guide bringing it back around. Or maybe two people meet, they separate, they get married. Those marriages dissolve and then next years later they find themselves again and they get married. These are all connections that your spirit guide sees and tries to help with. There are certain people that are just meant to be in your life, there are certain people that you are supposed to meet, certain opportunities that you are meant to have and your pathway that your spirit guide is guiding you really follows the skills and talents that God has giving you. We are all born here in this world with a special gift. What I want you guys to know is one thing is that your spirit guide does not give up on you and when you don’t make what you think, when you think you don’t make the right decision your spirit guide isn’t there saying oh my God, I can’t believe this. Your spirit guide is always rerouting you. Think of your spirit guide like a gps. When you put in an address in the gps sometimes you hit detours you hit roadblocks, you hit all these different issues and all of a sudden, your gps says rerouting no matter how many times you have to reroute you are always led back to the same place and finally get there even if it takes 12, 15 times. Many time you missed that turn and missed that exit, the gps will road me back. Well, your spirit guide does the same thing and your guardian angels of the air, because they help you in the emotional side of life. They help you get over that breakup, heal from the past, heal from the pain, they help you by telling you that everything is gonna be ok.

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