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Distant Energy Healing Session

healing session
$50 USD

Powerful energy healing session, clearing out energetic, emotional and mental blocks, healing, upgrading, activating dormant DNA which will allow you to feel the flow of abundance, joy, harmony and love of the highest frequency and light.

The session takes about 20 minutes to half an hour, during which time you will lay down on your back and relax.

The energy that I work with is called Claros, this is an energy vortex situated in the south part of Turkey, near Izmir. We can say, for the sake of understanding that Claros is similar to Reiki, however, Reiki is a Stream of pure consciousness and healing light while Claros is more like the Ocean. In this regards, it is a much more powerful energy to work with. As i worked with Reiki energy in the past, i can attest to this.

My guru, Mehmet Çayır, has developed this technique for energy healing during his own process and has taught me the principles of how to apply it. I am constantly deepening my practice and since I started working with this energy i saw miracles happening in the lives of people i had energy healing sessions with.

I invite you to offer yourself this experience of healing and self love that will help you improve your life significantly, experience health in your body, minf and emotions and a fulfilling life experience

much love to all,

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well yes, i think it's normal to have doubts. i also had doubts when i started off on this journey but i was at rock bottom and i felt like i have nothing to loose in trying. so the energy itself proved to me that it works. then again after i started doing energy healing sessions on others and saw how their life improved my skeptical mind had nothing more to say

so the technique i use is the one my guru thought me. this is an esoteric school with roots in Sufism, i cannot share the technique itself, i received about 4 initiations to get to this level, but i can tell you that it's a technique in which i become a channel for the healing energy to pass through. this is an intelligent energy that knows what needs healing inside of you, what needs balancing and it will give you exactly what you need in the right amount for you.

hope this helps and sorry for the late reply, i've been through a massive transformation in the second half on 2021 and i am just landing the new energies and frequencies into my physical body therefore the change in profile and name.

much love your way

hi, sorry for the late reply. I have been through a powerful transformation and therefore i created a new account to honor the new energies that came in.

from the sessions i have done and the feedback i received i can say that after one or several sessions you will experience peace, spaciousness and clarity of mind because the mental chatter goes down. if there is conflict at the mental level causing emotional ups and downs and unrest, this energy will sooth the mental body in such a way that you will experience a new level of alignment. positive synchronicities come into your life, you will experience a new flow in life and everything feels easy and joyful.

of course it is up to you to maintain this energy, otherwise you can take as much as you need to establish yourself on a new timeline where life is joyful and pleasant.

hope this helps

Joan Wilson
May 26, 2021

Hello! This is very exciting. Do your sessions help to improve mental health? Thanks in advance!

Sherry Turnbull
May 26, 2021

Hello. I want to try energy healing for the first time, but I doubt if it could help me. Could you please tell me what techniques do you use during your sessions? If there are any limitations? Thank you.

$50 USD
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