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Distant Energy Healing and Balancing Session

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$30 USD

Powerful energy healing session, clearing out energetic, emotional and mental blocks, healing, upgrading, activating dormant DNA which will allow you to feel the flow of abundance, joy, harmony and love of the highest frequency and light.

The session takes about 20 minutes, during which time you will lay down on your back and relax.

The energy that I work with is called Claros, this is an energy vortex situated in the south part of Turkey, near Izmir. We can say, for the sake of understanding that Claros is similar to Reiki, however, Reiki is a Stream of pure consciousness and healing light while Claros is more like the Ocean. In this regards, it is a much more powerful energy to work with. As i worked with Reiki energy in the past, i can attest to this. My guru, Mehmet Çayır, has developed this technique for energy healing during his own process and has taught me the principles of how to apply it.

Also, Claros is intelligent energy - being pure consciousness, therefore it will know exactly what you need and in what amount. it will adjust your system, your enegy body, your mental body, your emotional body, your phisical body to the right level for your optimal wellbeing. it will go exactly where it needs to go.

You will experience a great level of positive sincronicity in your life after the session (or sessions, depending on how much you need). life will become like magic. and it is. but we forgot. so the energy healing session will bring you back into a state of alignment with the greater Universe so that you will remember this.

I am constantly deepening my practice and since I started working with this energy i saw miracles happening in the lives of people i had energy healing sessions with.

I invite you to offer yourself this experience of healing and self-love that will help you improve your life significantly, experience health in your body, mind and emotions and a fulfilling life experience


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I love being of service to the world, it's my highest joy and passion. My journey lead me through Istanbul where i learned a method for energy healing and since then i keep perfecting it through downloads i receive and integrate. Divination is my first passion though, i love the comunication from spirit through cards and the various forms in which Tarot can actually be used.

1 years of practice
On Core Spirit since October 2021

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