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Supermoon Total Lunar Eclipse on 26th of May
May 26, 2021

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lunar eclipses hold the energy of ending of a cycle and this particular total lunar eclipse represents the ending of a major cycle for many of us, in the evolution of our oun human consciousness. what will follow is the solar eclipse on 11th of june which represents a major new beginning

this is a great time to look over the cycle we are ending and get ready for the new phase of our own evolution in consciousness as consciousness

this full moon and total lunar eclipse represents the ending of a major cycle of learning through failures and being stuck in mistrust

moving from an ego based life to a heart centred life

there is a rewiring happening for a lot of us in regards to the inner masculine energy. we are moving from a restrictive and controling masculine to a healthy masculine that honors, holds and bows to the inner feminine. which is the way it was always meant to be

so coming back to our natural way of being

there is still a final stage of healing for many of us waiting to gradually unfold during the next phase, however, for now a big cycle has reached completion and many of us are ready for that quantum leap

major exciting discoveries are on the way as we step into trust and allow the inner feminine to rise and show us what true abundance, passion and joy are all about, as opposed to what we made up in our minds about these things. we can let go of a rigid mental structure

so, our work is clear now: keep opening that heart chakra ^.^ and yes this means learning the art of forgiving over and over and over again

opening the heart also means opening up to receive the love, abundance, prosperity and success that we seek

much love to all

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