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If you struggle with knowing what to eat I am here for you!

I make custom meal plans for anyone wanting to get healthier, learn how to eat better and those who just love food.

Every week you will get a plan customized to you, with breakfast, lunch dinner and a grocery list!

Every other week we have a check in to see how things are going! Are you hitting your goals? Do we need to adjust?

My goal is to show you how to eat well and to send you off with all the healthy recipes so that you can continue on your path of wellness.

The best Nutrition coach is someone who trains you out of needing a nutrition coach!

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Hi there! I spent 10 years going to school for all things nutrition and wellness related. I am a Certified Holistic Nutrition Consultant, and hold a degree in health science and a degree in nutrition and dietetic sciences.

I focus on teaching people how to live a plant based life style that works for them! From current meat loves to vegans I teach people how to go plant based the right way!

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Jessica Faulds
Apr 24, 2021

Sorry I was moving and on break! Yes. I do recipes for people like me who are obsessed with cooking and 15 minute recipes for those who are not kitchen savy!

Jessica Faulds
Apr 24, 2021

Sorry, I didn’t get any notifications! Yes. for individual plans I take into account all diet restrictions and for the group plans you can make swaps (I help you find swaps too!)

Alina Lee
Apr 11, 2021

If I have diet restrictions, is it possible to replace some of the products?

Phoebe Savir
Mar 30, 2021

If I can’t cook, can I handle your recipes?

$200 USD
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$200 USD