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5:2 Diet
$75 USD
Understanding our gut and to take care of it through our Diet and Lifestyle

During this session I will offer a personalised assessment of your diet and lifestyle, and we will see together how to improve your gut and keep it healthy through diet and lifestyle.

Emilie Berthet Clairet
High-protein Diet
$200 USD
coaching session
Custom Meal Plans

If you struggle with knowing what to eat I am here for you!

I make custom meal plans for anyone wanting to get healthier, learn how to eat better and those who just love food.

Every week you will get a plan customized to you, with breakfast, lunch dinne…

Jessica Faulds
Negative calorie Diet
$200 USD
8 Week Weight loss Program

This is an 8 week program called Have Your Cake and Eat it Too Program.

It is designed to show you how to have treats and still live a healthy life, still hit your weight targets.

In the program you will get

  1. 8 Weeks of meal plans (breakfast, lunch a…
Jessica Faulds
Alkaline Diet
$80 USD
Alkaline Nutrition

I offer tailored meal plans and tips around alkaline nutrition that is effortless and easy to implement for yourself within a busy work life schedule.

You will also receive tips around smoothies that are high in protein and alkaline and easy to make as w…

Victoria Gross
Organic food Diet
$399 USD
6-Week Vitality & Detox Program

This 6-week transformational program will give you all the dietary & lifestyle resources you need to be the best version of you!

You will learn how your body works, how to use food for fuel, what food choices to make based on your nutritional type, h…

Olianna Gourlis
Low-protein Diet
$45 USD
coaching session
Diet plan

Hi! I love sharing my knowledge and helping people enhance their life. I care about my client, and there’s nothing more important to me than helping somebody go through an experience that make them happy, confident,storng. I want to be there for those who…

Vishal Lala