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Understanding our gut and to take care of it through our Diet and Lifestyle

$75 USD

During this session I will offer a personalised assessment of your diet and lifestyle, and we will see together how to improve your gut and keep it healthy through diet and lifestyle.

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I am Emilie , holistic nutritionist, and I love to connect with other and help them found what their body needs in term of nutrition.
In this world, we forget to listen to our inner self and especially our gut flora. Our gut is our second brain, and is essential for our wellness and health. I will be here to help you find out how to rebalance your gut through diet and lifestyle.

On Core Spirit since February 2021

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Gabriel Wilson
Mar 28, 2021

Hi there. I’d like to know if you work with people who have gastritis. I’ve been fighting with this since 2017 and still don’t feel better.

Kris Osum
Mar 24, 2021

I want to know how our face and what I eat are connected. Rashes on the face can appear from junk food or is it a myth? do you know the answer to this question?)

$75 USD
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