4 Ayurvedic Self-Care Tips for Fall

Fall is the season of transition. Your finely tuned senses are usually the first to alert you that change is in the air. Nature is tuning in as well and in response knows it’s time to begin preparing for winter, and so must you.Fall is a time to truly nourish yourself and practice self-care by slowing down, reflecting, and renewing energy. It’s also a time of simplicity and choosing ease over discomfort. Ayurveda offers some valuable self-care tips to help you stay healthy and balanced during

Latest Research Proves How Incredibly Advanced Ancient Indian Science Was

10 Facts That Prove Ancient Indian Science Was Incredibly Advanced1. Sushruta Samhita, The Oldest Medical And Surgical Encyclopedia Known To Mankind The credit for almost all the great inventions and discoveries so far has always rested with the Western world. We have read about them in schoolbooks, heard about them on television or in movies and talked about it tirelessly. Sadly, it’s the knowledge and teaching of our ancient science that has taken a beating. Just because their
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How to Heal Your Digestive Problems Naturally

It is no coincidence that both Traditional Chinese medicine and Ayurveda, arguably the two oldest systems of medicine on the planet, consider digestion to be one of the key factors influencing our health. These forerunners of modern medicine discovered through thousands of years of clinical practice and observation that a very direct link exists between a person’s digestive health and their physical and mental wellbeing. In fact, some of the more radical Ayurvedic doctors go so far as to
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Here is Why You Should Replace Your Toothpaste Coconut Oil

Coconut oil is excellent for your gums and brushing teeth with coconut oil regularly can eliminate bleeding and sore gums. The oil kills bacteria that are responsible for gingivitis and if you have gingivitis, you might want to massage some coconut oil into your gums regularly, in addition to using it in your toothpaste.Moreover, brushing your tongue with coconut oil helps with thrush-a fungal problem localized in the mouth, and to boot, coconut oil has been found to stop and even reverse some
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Exhausted? 10 Ways to Instantly Boost Your Energy Levels

If you find yourself feeling sluggish mid-afternoon, struggling to stay alert throughout the day, struggling with adrenal fatigue, or just plain exhausted, then it’s time for a change! Skip the extra cups of coffee or “energy” drinks and try these 10 easy and inexpensive ways to boost your energy levels instead.Luckily, there are easy, affordable ways to banish tiredness and get a spring in your step once again — naturally.1. Vegetable JuiceDrinking fresh vegetable juice is a shock to your
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How to Eat for Your Body Type: Ayurvedic Diet Explained

Ayurveda is the ancient medical system of India. It offers one of the fastest paths to health. Instead of having to guess which foods, supplements, and behaviors are appropriate for you, there is a simple, direct prescriptive path that is developed for your unique body type, or dosha. This takes all the guesswork out of getting healthy. The benefits that occur are not only felt in your body – they are also seen in your mental and emotional wellbeing. This holistic approach to health allows you
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Treat the Root Cause of Obesity and Weight Gain by Following These Ancient Practices

Everything in the universe is composed of energy including the human body. Traditionally, when we lived in harmony with nature our body’s energies vibrated in resonance with the universal energies, we experienced optimum physical, mental, emotional and spiritual health.Today, as we strive to meet the demands of our fast paced lifestyles, we have unknowingly become detached from nature through breathing polluted air, eating unnatural food, drinking chemical-laden water, ingesting toxic
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Indian Traditional Ayurvedic System of Medicine and Nutritional Supplementation

Review ArticlePharmacognosy & Ethnopharmacology Division, CSIR-National Botanical Research Institute, Rana Pratap Marg, Lucknow 226001, IndiaReceived 31 January 2013; Revised 29 May 2013; Accepted 3 June 2013Academic Editor: Tanawan KummalueAbstractFood is the major source for serving the nutritional needs, but with growing modernization some traditional ways are being given up. Affluence of working population with changing lifestyles and reducing affordability of sick care, in terms of time
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Complementary and Alternative Holistic Health - 8 Remedies to Try in 2019

Summer is already here with the days becoming warmer and warmer and people spending more and more time outside. On a beautiful summer day, we all want to be healthy and glowing. For most, the main focus of leading a healthy lifestyle is exercising and keeping to a diet. While those can bring substantial benefits without a doubt, there are other great ways to enhancing your life, health and mood. Test one of the alternative medicine treatments described below and let me know what you
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