Lomi Lomi: Traditional vs. Contemporary

by Gloria Coppola, L.M.B.T. Lomi lomi has often been described as a Hawaiian healing massage that provides nurturing and loving touch. Some people learn about more contemporary styles of lomi lomi by viewing video tapes, which do not provide the full

New skin-stretching mechanism closes wounds for faster healing

Technology is painless and safe to use on children and animals.A new stretching device considered a breakthrough in surgical care can close wounds without skin grafts or other complex solutions, helping patients heal faster.Developed by IVT Medical Ltd. in Israel, the TopClosure device uses adhesive plastic plates attached to either side of a wound, and a strap connecting the plates, to stretch the wound closed.The innovation could save the lives of patients who would otherwise die from
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Frequently Asked Questions + Working with Gogo — Sacred Liberation Healing Arts

Greetings loves! I try my best to be attentive to every email, request, and question sent in my direction whether virtual or in person, yet I am not always able to answer in a timely manner. There are a number of questions that I would like to share here for those interested in working with me or doing research related to spirituality & ancestral work....I would love to learn more! What books or resources can you recommend?The greatest teachings I have received have been through an
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Divinations: Tassomancy

Contents show]Table of ContentsIntroductionTasseomancy, also known as Tasseography, is the art of reading tea leaves. While the term also includes the use of wine sediments and coffee grounds, these other materials have since separated into their own type of divinatory art. While it is certainly common to find any of the three used, as beginners you will be working primarily with, and learning about, the uses of the tea.The significance of the ubiquitous, cross cultural and historical
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The Loving Energy Sekhem explained

What is Sekhem?Sekhem is an ancient Egyptian form of healing. References to it have been discovered in the Egyptian Book of the Dead and in ancient scrolls. It was taught as part of spiritual practices in the temples of ancient Egypt and is associated with the lion-headed Goddess Sekhmet, who is believed to be the guardian and protector of this energy. As well as being the Patroness of War, she is also considered to be the Goddess of Regeneration and Healing. Sekhmet helps us break down which
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Sound Healing – Mystical Woowoo or the Next Best Healing Modality?

Sound healing and the Law of AttractionDid you know sound healing and the Law of Attraction are closely related?Both are often portrayed as supernatural healing modalities steeped in cosmic mystery. Where the so-called “universe” itself will impart some sort of inexplicable power upon you if only you believe. Then as if by magic all your ailments will disappear and everything you’ve ever wanted will be yours for the taking.Here’s the thing . . . the above explanation isn’t entirely accurate
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How to Communicate With Your Ancestors

The desire to communicate with our ancestors is an innate part of the human experience. We intuitively sense their presence in our wisdom bodies and it begs the question: can we communicate with them? Through daily prayer, mediation, creation of art
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