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Darkness is my friend
Nov 1, 2022

With the purpose of transmuting,
With the purpose of becoming
With the purpose of eliminating any enemy
-you have to succumb to them
You have to let them guide you into your deepest fear. Let them drop you in that place and sit in it all by yourself

Because they won't be with you. That's why they're friends disguised as enemies. They are meant to teach you about yourself and teach you your ability, your way, your truth and your strenght ultimate. Also, your capacity for compassion and love
They are not here to hold your hand, they are here to hold your spirit in communion, in reunion, in resemblence. In remembering
They are here to help you transmute the deepest untouched darkness in yourself. The deepest unknown, unreached plays that requires your urgent attention

So - it's okay to fall. It's okay to lower vibration. Because you can only fall at a level you're already vibrating within you. And once reached there and once shown the truth and what it's meant to teach you, it's your choice: to remain, or to ascend. And your higher self will make sure you are pushed trough everything into ascending, until you don't have a choice anymore but to succumb -to ascending this time
Now, this is ascending. Ascending can only happen once you've allowed yourself to go that low in yourself. Once you've allowed yourself to recognise your already existing -low. Not ignore it. To allow yourself to recognise and become aware of a part of you you did not even know it was there. But it is shown trough them. You can find it in them - the ones that you perceive your enemies. The ones that you perceive pure demons. The ones that you believe are "dragging you down"

They are gifts in disguise of evil.
They are showing you the evil in yourself
They are coming to make you pure and make you see yourself,
-exactly as you are.
Your true form, not an illussion
No a meare impression
But the way you are supposed to be

They are angels.
You are angel.
You together lead each other into self recognition. Self beyond the false self

I don't like the term ego and soul - it never felt right. Because it feels like promoting separation. All is self. All is one. There's no point in separating
So - self - you and false self - you but in illusion
The notions uniting themselves into one existance. A certain separation still being there, in perception

False self is tricky. It wants to take a grip of you, convince of certain "truths" and keep you in a state of feeding it's desires and requirements to exist
Altough, self is always pushing you towards denying false self, into breaking out of it

All of this is mended trough awareness. Which blends harmouniously the 2 of them, into a miraculous cooperation
Cooperation into breaking into unity. True unity. Within, and then able to recognise it without.
Because the outside mirrors the inside.
Every step and every progress is shown in every moment.

The funny time is when you feel false self fighting against self. It's a conflict you cannot mend trough engaging in it. It's a conflict that will only provoke more self suffering if perpetuated. The answer is awareness and not fighting.

I repeat. Don't fight. As in we're not here to fight. We're here to surrender

And that, my friend is your true nature

One of total alignment and succumbment to contributing to all that has to be and all that is

Ultimately becoming a cooperative component, no matter what that means you'll become
-that is ultimate surrender

Accepting and choosing to play your part
Into the beauty that all is
And so, a deeper love emerges
A thankfulness

There is a deceiving in one's manifestation. There is a deceving of the false self. What it shows - it's not you. It's your conditioning

And so, when they need to fall into that way arrives - one must fall

Also, the fall expresses troughout all your body and way it manifests, under what form. Your body is reflecting your consciousness level. Sickness is only a stage. A stage in remembering health. A necessary falling for transmuting

See, there's nothing else than falling to remember.

Nothing else is true. No definition, no perception

The truth is true love. In all the ways manifested and perceived

And everything encourages remembering that love

It's okay when you don't see it. It's still there

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