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Blocks Entrepreneurs Face When Showing Their Spiritual Side

May 18, 2021
Deann Rae Jensen
Core Spirit member since Mar 19, 2021
Reading time 5 min.

The Wake Up Call and Having the Courage to Follow It

Are you a soul inspired, heart-based individual who wants to do things differently?

You left the security of a job with a paycheck to run a business and follow your heart because it is more aligned with your ideals and core values.

If this is you, you had a wake up call. I commend you for having the courage to follow it.

Somewhere along your entrepreneurial journey you realized business is a spiritual game. Some of us knew this coming in and may have even started our businesses because of spirit led calls. Some of us didn’t know we were following spirit, but we were and have realized through a spiritual awakening how important it is to listen. You know that there is something bigger at play and are open-minded about life beyond earth and simply what we can see.

Your business is sacred! It changes lives. It supports you. It’s your mark on the world. It is your vehicle for achieving your full potential and when it comes to making decisions and having a successful business, you’ve realized that although mentors help us fill in the gaps, you have everything you need inside yourself, you have guidance, you have spirit.

Spirituality can be hard to define sometimes as it can change depending on context and is very personal. To me, spirituality is the experience of spirit. A spiritual awakening is awakening to this experience and the existence of spirit. This is a personal experience and we all connect to spirit in our own unique ways, however, I believe that it is our duty to share these experiences and to show our spiritual side as leaders.

Blocks Spiritual Entrepreneurs Face

When it comes to sharing our experiences and spiritual side, it can be feel scary. Although we know that our stories and experiences have the power to change lives, including our own, many of us hold back out of fear.

Fear Of How Others Will Take It: Fear of what others will think, fear of how friends and family members will respond when feeling the call to share your spiritual side is real. Especially if you are like me and come from a religious background, but are becoming more spiritual, but not religious. You cannot control others responses, but you can control your response and trust that they will go through their own learnings. It comes down to staying to true to what you truly believe, even if those beliefs change. I truly believe in my spirituality and that’s what matters and that’s what attracts others who believe what I do. You’ll be surprised, people who you never thought will come up to you and say, “I believe that too, thank you for sharing,” or “I had a similar experience.” When you share, you give others permission to open up and find out that you are not alone. You will attract others on similar journeys.

What If I Say Something Wrong? Many times there is a fear that we will get it wrong. Ego kicks in and instead of trusting our own experiences we worry about it fitting in to other’s experiences and expectations. We worry that if someone asks a questions, we won’t have an answer and that maybe we really don’t know what we are talking about. My advice is to remember that spirit speaks through you, you will know, just let it flow at the time and don’t worry too much in advance.

What If I Stumble While People are Watching? Another fear is of not being perfect. We may have our own inner expectations of what someone who is spiritual is like and when we don’t live up to those expectations we fear people seeing our vulnerability there. There is no “spiritual perfection.” If you eat meat, enjoy wine, or have a moment where you are imperfect, remember this, we all are. We are all here just trying to figure it out. Your truth is just as valid as anyone else’s and no one is asking you to be perfect. Some of the best healers are very imperfect and that is perfect in itself because this life is human. If you stumble, congratulations, you are human and you are learning.

How Do I Share What I Believe? The overwhelm of figuring out how to share your message and experiences can shut us down and stop us from sharing. Just share, start in the way that is most natural for you. Are you a writer? A painter? A speaker? Share your journey, your own story, When you share, you gain a deeper understanding for yourself.

Fear Centers Through Trauma

We are not born fearful. Past wounds that stem from rejection, injustice, humiliation, betrayal, and abandonment can leave an imprint. Healing these wounds from the root can release lifetimes of karma. The root is the first time you felt the feelings connected to the wound. The root can be hidden for some of us as it is not always the most significant emotional event we can remember. It can be rooted in this lifetime, an ancestor’s lifetime, or a past lifetime. If you are looking to get to the root of your fears and release it, we can do that in hypnotherapy.

The Witch’s Wound

Spiritual practices and beliefs were punished, killed, ridiculed in the past and we carry some of this trauma through our accessorial DNA and many have had past lives in which they were burned at the stake for them. There is also immense knowledge and strength that comes from our ancestors and past lives that we carry with us. I have seen clients time and time again be able to unlock that knowledge and strength on their healing journeys. It is a gift to be here now where we can practice and share about spiritual beliefs and not just not be punished for it, but we can actually help others with it. It’s what we always wanted to do. It is what we were meant to do.

Breakthrough by Healing

Healing these wounds can free us to confidently speak our truth and stand in our power as spiritual business owners and as humans.

When you do the healing work and come out feeling safe in sharing your spirituality, you heal yourself, your lineage, and give permission for others to also heal, we actually help heal the collective too.

Healing starts with awareness. Becoming clear on what it is that is holding you back. Then, you can heal and align with your desire. It is time to be honest with yourself. What do you desire? What do you truly believe? What actions can you take? What is the cost of not taking action?

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