TOP 10 Meditation Retreats In The World

These retreats can offer you the guidance and inspiration you may be looking for in order to unplug, decompress, and find peace and harmony. Some of these programs occur in one day while others span a week or more and may even incorporate a training program. Each of these meditation destinations offer something unique to help you achieve a state of om.

Bali Eco Stay (Indonesia)

Over the years Bali has become a favorite destination for travelers looking to unwind and surround themselves in paradise off the beaten path. Bali Eco Stay is a green sanctuary located in the heart of Bali where you can truly connect with nature. There are stunning open-air overwater bungalows with views of rice paddies, mountains and stunning forests. If you are already part of a retreat group this is the ideal location to book, and they can be reserved for exclusive use for up to 25 people.

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Vipassana Hawai’i (Hawaii)

The Buddha teachings at Vipassana Hawai’i stem from the Pali Canon of the Theravada Buddhist tradition. The aim is total happiness and peace through mindful presence as it relates to your life. The retreat is located on 30 acres in the district of beautiful North Kohala, which is at the northern tip of the island. They offer several programs in accordance with Buddhist Theravadic teachings including Sunday meditation sittings in North Kohala where all are welcome, just bring a cushion.

Tushita Meditation Centre (India)

India is, of course, a natural fit for meditation and Tushita Meditation Center is perfect for the study and practice of Buddhism. The philosophies originate from the Tibetan Mahayana tradition. If you want to learn the teachings of the Buddha and put them into practice, courses here aim to set you on this path. The center also offers group retreats and drop-in sessions. Tushita Meditation Centre is located on a mountain slope surrounded by forest and the Dhauladhar range near the town of McLeod Ganj. Their meditations are based on the tradition of Lama Tsong Khapa of Tibet.

Meditation Retreat (Peru)

Meditation Retreat Peru spiritual tours are a perfect combination of the “must-see” sacred sites of Peru, like Machu, Picchu, Cusco and the Sacred valley, with the silent meditation retreat at lake Titicaca and additional magical places near the lake.

It is a great place to open your heart, heal old wounds invite new visions for your life while seeing the wonders of Peru. Just being in the presence of such a high energy place will make you feel more connected to the Earth.

Wat Suan Mokkh International Dharma Hermitage (Thailand)

If a trip to Thailand is on your radar, Wat Suan Mokkh International Dharma Hermitage offers a ten-day silent meditation retreat on the first of each month. All talks and instructions are given in English, and registration is in person only. If this schedule doesn’t work for you, it’s possible to visit the main monastery at Suan Mokkh between retreats and do your own practice. People attend from all over the world to experience various aspects of the Buddha’s teaching. The retreat offers simple living conditions in close proximity with nature.

Prema Shanti Yoga and Meditation Retreat (Australia)

This meditation retreat center is located between the two most beautiful and diverse eco-systems in the world: The Great Barrier Reef & the world’s oldest rainforest. The incredible nature is just one of the many reasons to come to this yoga center. Inspired by Buddhist teachings, the whole place is a teacher, and you will learn about meditation and have a greater understanding. They have weekly group programs that run all year round, meaning you will meet community at any time you go! Learn how to meditate and how to use yoga postures to get into a deeper, meditative state.

Shamballah Yoga Retreat (Portugal)

If you have always wanted to combine meditation with surfing you need to visit Shamballah Yoga Retreat in Sintra, Portugal. The Surf, Yoga and Meditation Retreat includes surf lessons, yoga classes, guided meditations and delicious healthy meals. Their meditation sessions are aimed at anyone who is seeking balance, peace, clarity and happiness. Accommodations are included and located just a short walk from the exquisite coastline in Sintra’s National Park. Guided walks, forest therapy, sound journeys and Pilates are also available. The closest airport to Shamballah is in Lisbon, some 25 miles away.

The Buddhist Retreat Centre (South Africa)

Just a 90-minute drive from Durban, the Buddhist Retreat Centre's remote location in Ixopo feels fully rural. Accordingly, walking and bird-watching on the extensive property are encouraged. In addition to scheduled meditation retreats, people in search of solitude are also welcome to come and get away from the modern world on their own. Located in a traditional Zulu tribal area, the community here does outreach work with the local population through Woza Moya in the Ufafa Valley.

Plum Village (France)

Plum Village is a mindfulness practice centre in the South of France founded by Zen Master Thich Nhat Hanh. For Thich Nhat Hanh, the Vietnamese monk whom Martin Luther King Jr. nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize, cultivating lucidity is a means to connecting with yourself and others.

The monastery in southern France that he and about 200 monks and nuns call home welcomes visitors of all ages and features one lazy, unstructured day per week.

Have no time to run away?

Kadampa Meditation Center (NY, USA)

If you're a meditation newbie or just have one weekend to relax, this center in the Catskills of New York is for you. Kadampa Meditation Center NY offers a variety of personal or group retreats throughout the year, all held at the World Peach Temple just two hours outside of bustling New York City. Choose from 24-hour, weekend, or five-day beginner retreats that seek to help visitors find their inner peace

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