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Creating Structure & Developing Routines Alleviates Sadness (4 Tips)
Nov 17, 2021

Reading time 2 min.

We all go through sad times, it’s probably one of the most universal human experiences. Some people experience sadness in waves and others may experience a particularly difficult week or month.
Either way, here are some tips to help with the heaviness. Adding some of the following activities to your normal routines and structure will bring ease and lightness during the day.

  1. ** Scatter Comfort Activities (3–5 minutes)**
    Below are some comfort activities I scatter throughout the day and spend a few minutes doing each. They complement my usual routines such as baths and meal times:
  • Use fluffy, soft blankets to symbolize comfort and visualize them taking sadness away
  • Listen to chakra or relaxing reiki music when bathing (Youtube has excellent soundtracks!)
  • Pull up a Youtube video of Emotional Freedom Tapping (EFT) and follow along
  • Go for a treat! Never underestimate the pure joy of going to a favorite coffee/bakery shop
  1. ** Post-It Note Art Therapy (5 minutes)**
    I typically use post-it notes and a pen to release negative emotions:
  • Grab a pencil or pen and a post-it note to begin free sketching. Use markers, notebook paper, etc. — whatever is convenient
  • Scribble away! Sketch whatever naturally comes and do not hold back
  • Sketch until a balance emerges from the drawings
    *chaos symbolizes internal emotional chaos and a negative state of mind while balance symbolizes release and harmony
    If the balance does not come through the sketch, either keep sketching or stop (good job releasing today!)
  1. Mindfulness (quick short exercises)
    It’s best to apply mindfulness in routine activities throughout the day
  • Foster awareness when eating or drinking: take the time to smell & chew
  • Sniff essential oils or any fragrance when feeling anxiety or restlessness
  • Feel the water splashing during face washes or showers
  • Download an app such as Headspace for structured meditation practice or try searching for free videos on Youtube
  1. Talk to someone (one text)
  • Log into an app such as 7cups or HearMe to speak to a listener who can listen and provide guidance
  • Send one text or place one call to a friend or community member
  • Wave to a neighbor or someone walking by!
  • Schedule a new therapy appointment or send one message to a therapist
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EFT is so helpful for release stored/stuck emotions.