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It takes movement to get through many health issues. Fatigue is just one area which may benefit from implementing gentle movement like that offered through yoga.
One-on-one yoga instruction with someone who understands fatigue can be difficult to come by. I offer individual sessions, both in-person and distance via Zoom (other, mutually beneficial platforms may be worked out, if necessary).

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Hi! I found my path into natural health & healing as a teen.. I decided it was my calling and I haven’t looked back.
I offer:
*consultations involving iridology & other analyses to deduce suggestions of supplements, herbs, movement, etc I’d pursue if I were you.
*belly dance
*bollywood dance
*teaching in various herbal & natural topics

27 years of practice
On Core Spirit since April 2021

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Yes and no. Bellydance can be a great aerobic workout, but doesn't necessarily equal weight loss.

I offer vinyasa and chair at the moment. Each individual is different, so results may vary.

If the wrist is a concern, I'd first consult with a medical doctor to be sure all care is being taken possible. Then I'd start with chair yoga, or variations of poses done on my back, standing etc.

John Persey
Apr 11, 2021

Can a person lose weight if they do belly dancing?

Marc Bowden
Apr 9, 2021

Hello. Could you please tell me what kind of yoga do you provide? How many sessions are necessary to start noticing the results? Thanks.

Taysha Duckworth
Apr 8, 2021

Hello! Will I still be able to get full benefits from our sessions if I have a bad wrist?

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$50 USD