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This service is a single online audio or video call (using Zoom, WhatsApp, Skype or similar) during which we address a goal or issue in your life. This coaching is intended to address the biggest issues / questions, ones you might call existential.

I help people make breakthroughs in the most important areas of their lives. How? By challenging their assumptions and opening new perspectives through philosophical and spiritual enquiry.

My approach draws from and refers to a number of wisdom traditions, including Advaita Vedanta, Taoism, Tanta, Vipassana, Heart Path and Dzogchen. We can adapt our session to emphasise or even restrict ourselves to a particular tradition, if you like.

If you opt for multiple sessions, over time we will explore the role of story (your interpretation or cognition of your direct experience) in your life. You will work with the sensations of your body toward improved self-awareness and acceptance. In this investigation, you will become increasingly aware of your interdependence with all of life and existence. Ultimately, you may see that you are not a person with a body and a mind but rather the Awareness in which all bodily and mental experiences arise, are known and subside.

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I coach and teach on topics of personal growth and spiritual enquiry. My aim is to help people with their deepest questions, the ones that lie beneath so much surface disturbance.
I help see the role of story (our interpretation of direct experience) in our lives. My practice recognises the importance of the body in self-awareness and acceptance, ultimately pointing to our true, non-dual nature.

7 years of practice
On Core Spirit since May 2021

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Doug Fraley
May 17, 2021

Hi Joan - this work helps relieve stress and anxiety. It also makes you more robust to whatever stress and anxiety continue to arise. The work does that by uncovering inaccurate assumptions that lie behind much anxiety and by changing your relationship with the negative aspects of your life experience. I hope that helps.
All my best,

Joan Wilson
May 17, 2021

Hello! Will this practice help me to relieve stress and anxiety? Thank you in advance!

$75 USD