Life's Purpose



This is a 20 minute teaching on life purpose from a non-dualistic perspective derived from with Eastern wisdom traditions.

Target audience

This video is intended for people who are spiritually curious / interested and who are seeking to clarify either their purpose in life or to explore the way one views purpose from a non-dualistic perspective.


The audience will hear a unique and potentially perspective-shifting perspective on life and life purpose. They may find this perspective lightens the burden they feel to "get life right".


The video is recorded voice over a small number of visuals with concepts / points highlighted.


No preparation necessary.

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London, UK

I coach and teach on topics of personal growth, professional growth and spiritual enquiry.

My aim is to help people live with greater freedom, courage, creativity, and responsibility.

My practice recognises the importance of both clarity (top-down, head-based) and embodiment (down-up, body-based) in evolving self-awareness and acceptance, ultimately pointing to our true, non-dual nature.

On Core Spirit since May 2021

Spiritual Coaching
Know You Go With the Flow
Jan 5 2023

Taoism sees Life as one big process in which ‘things’ or ‘happenings’ are related and progress in a single flow. That movement follows one principle called Tao. Tao is how reality unfolds.

Despite this underlying unity, everything we observe is part of a…

Doug Fraley
Spiritual Coaching
Set Down the Burden - Taoism Shows How
Jan 5 2023

Trade struggle for flow.
We carry unnecessary emotional backpacks through life. The more we see them in their proper context, the more frequently we can set them aside. They may always accompany us, but we needn’t bear their weight.

Reality’s quality che…

Doug Fraley
Spiritual Coaching
Surrender to Life as the Raindrop Surrenders to Water
Jan 5 2023

An analogy for anxious times
As a person, I walk this Earth for some eighty years. Born of my parents, I thrive, suffer and die. As one of billions, I think, speak and act, a tiny yet distinct fragment in a societal mosaic.In my travels, I behold magnific…

Doug Fraley
Spiritual Coaching
Here's Why the Obstacle is the Way
Jan 5 2023

Reality can lead us from self-deception to a richer life.
Ryan Holiday shows us how to apply Stoicism to modern life in The Obstacle is the Way. Late in the book, he summarises his message in a few sentences:

See things for what they are. Do what we can.…

Doug Fraley
Spiritual Coaching
Anxiety as a Glimpse of Freedom
Jan 3 2023

Bumps in the road from the illusion of control to letting go.
I recently had what felt like a setback, slipping into anxious worry about an aspect of my future. The theme of this anxiety emerged nine or ten years ago, and it has occasionally risen quite s…

Doug Fraley
New Age Spirituality
The Many Faces of God
May 8 2021

The world’s wisdom traditions point to one truth, but each highlights distinctive features.


Taoism’s rural wholesomeness is a great counter to my intellectual nature. If any tradition forms the bedrock of my understanding, this one, so brilliantl…

Doug Fraley
Career Coaching
Resilience - 90 Seconds at a Time
May 8 2021

I’ve worked in demanding settings, including U.S. Army Ranger training and top-flight management consulting. Outside work, I routinely (and voluntarily) undertake gruelling cycling challenges and other outdoor adventures. I share this not to brag (honest)…

Doug Fraley
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