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Initial Consultation

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Merna Timaul2021-09-15 19:49 UTC

Yes, I can also. give advice on nutritional supplements

Jolly2021-05-24 19:54 UTC

Hello! Can you also give advice on vitamins and dietary supplements that I need to consume?

Neilawattie Merna Timaul2021-04-10 23:49 UTC

Yes, nutritional planning is based on your specific needs.

John Persey2021-04-10 23:45 UTC

So will make my nutrition plan according to my deseases too?

Neilawattie Merna Timaul2021-04-10 21:55 UTC

The product recommendation are based on an individualized needs and goals.

Neilawattie Merna Timaul2021-04-10 21:54 UTC

The objective is to teach clients to make lifestyle changes to reach and maintain their goals.

Elena2021-04-09 21:53 UTC

Hello. how accurate is this practice? how long does it last?

Anna Ginger2021-04-09 11:34 UTC

Hello! Сan you tell me what products I need? Or are we going to talk about diets and foods in general?

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