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For people trying to fill a void. Stop feeling bad and learn to recognize your own success, in order to become calmer and more peaceful.

If you do not know how to recognize all your own worth and you are not recognizing your accomplishments enough, despite the effort, your feel insufficient.


To stop exhausting yourself and learn to recognize and accept ALL of your emotions, even the most vulnerable, without judging yourself, to create situations of lightness and gratitude.

If you feel very tired when you do not know how to listen, understand and express your real needs and therefore also to see and accept your own limits. If for fear of missing out on opportunities, you finds yourself in difficult situations, possibly in a short time for fear of wasting time, in which your sooner or later feel exhausted.


If you want o stop believing that you have to do everything on your own and keep everything under control. If you want to learn to cultivate confidence in good people and in life, to feel a calm and happy person.

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Every person is different with unique path and life purpose.
Former researcher and scientist, my goal is to accompany to transform fear and blockages into consciousness and freedom.

With approaches of ThetaHealing® and NLP, together, we co-create healing and reveal your connection to your higher self and to the Everything.
Ph.D. Bioengineer, ThetaHealer, NLP Master Practitioner

9 years of practice
On Core Spirit since January 2021

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Anna Ramazzotti
Apr 12, 2021

Dear John I welcome your doubts. It is said that the universe, which includes all of us and all of our reality, is made of inexhaustible energy continuously accessible to everyone. It might be interesting for you to explore together what your own beliefs are on this subject, so as to adapt them to make your life freer of doubts and fears. Many other things may be interesting and useful. : ) In short: definitely yes, it works for you <3

John Persey
Apr 11, 2021

Hello! I am over 50… Will this session work for me? Or am I a little too old? I mean I am not as energetic as young people, so can I be sure that everything will work for me?

Anna Ramazzotti
Apr 7, 2021

Hello Sherry, thank you for your question.
From any session you can expect for sure some positive change; this could solve entirely your problem or partially depending on the issue you experience;
I could not tell you in advance, without knowing your specific need.
The approach is very powerful and straight forward, though very benevolent and respectful, with the purpose to make changes in the as much sharp, precise and efficient way as possible.
In the state Theta (you remain conscious! your brain and all you will simply be more relaxed and connected with more intuition, creativity, spirituality) we work together on the sub-atomic energy of some specific subconscious beliefs of yours; those beliefs which are at the origin of the programs that govern the feelings and behaviours which create issues in your life actually.
I hope this helps and already make you feel confident and aware of your infinite, divine and innate capacity to change and heal for your best.
With Love

Sherry Turnbull
Apr 7, 2021

Hello! Could you please tell me, what results can I expect? How many sessions do I need to see the results?

$90 USD
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$90 USD