ThetaHealing® what is that?
Apr 5, 2021

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What is that?

It is an important natural and innate healing method.

However, while we are all capable of it by nature, it has been defined in a structured way and with this name only since 1995.


During a state of deep meditation the dominant vibration wave of the brain is called Theta.

In this energetic state, stress and anxiety are reduced, deep relaxation is produced, mental clarity, creativity and intuition are enhanced, pain is minimized and euphoria increases.


We feel naturally and deeply connected to the rest of the universe and to the existence that goes beyond ourselves.


With the precise intention and explicit consent of the person it is possible to evoke and integrate a change by releasing blocks and fears.


Does it sound like magic? 🪄

This magic works at the cellular level on the principles of two exciting fields of science:

🧞 Quantum physics, which tells us that we are not beings made up of tiny fragments of matter, but rather MATRIXES of energy with the potential to change instantly;

🧚 Epigenetics (which literally means “above the role of genes”) which indicates that it is NOT our genes that are the primary factors in determining our health but the environment.


I am a certified ThetaHealer® and since I have known him I have witnessed wonderful changes that many years would not have solved ✨


And you? What do you magically want to heal and change?

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