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Crisis •  Is it real?

Apr 5, 2021
Anna Ramazzotti
Core Spirit member since Jan 22, 2021
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Sharing with you a text that I really like on the subject of the Crisis, I take the opportunity to feed the famous two birds with one fruit (I am against animal violence).


An ancient Chinese Taoist legend tells the story of a farmer who lived in a very poor village. The villagers found him lucky because he owned a horse.

One day the horse ran away. The people of the village came to see the farmer and saw the disaster. But the farmer only said “maybe”.

A few days later, the horse returned accompanied by two wild horses. The villagers then came to visit the farmer to celebrate this fortune. He just said “maybe”. His son then took it into his head to tame the horses and it was while he was riding one that he fell and broke his leg. The villagers came to express their condolences for this difficulty. The farmer only said “maybe”.

Then the soldiers came to occupy the village and organise a forced conscription. His son was not caught because of his broken leg. When the villagers came to visit to rejoice at how lucky he had been, the farmer simply said “maybe”.


Pigeon One:

The meaning of an event depends on the context and one’s attitude. It is a question of perception.

I agree and like it very much; places each event in a broader context and in an energy of harmony. 🏵️

What do you think about it?


The text was in a blog article that continues indicating that the Chinese ideogram for CRISIS is made up of 2 parts, one meaning danger and the other meaning opportunity.

Before proposing it again, however, I went to check different sources and sources of sources; well, in Chinese the ideogram used to express CRISIS is not at all composed of danger + opportunity but of

Danger + “incipient moment, crucial point; when something starts or changes”!


It is quite another thing and it is even richer and more beautiful. It is an invitation to embrace and welcome the complexity and change without judgment, the very nature of reality in constant evolution. ✨


Pigeon Two:

I’m not saying that we must always do a titanic job of deepening all the topics in the world, but doubting is our responsibility to set ourselves free.


Of course, the solutions made are attractive, simple and usable, but at the expense of the beauty of complexity, the nuances of truth and our freedom.


In the absence of time and desire, the verification can be postponed until later, but you cannot give up asking questions;

at least leave the question open and free.


Like pigeons;

because in the end I took them but then I leave them free !!! ☺️💕



To deepen (a lot), check the works of Victor H. Mair, professor of Chinese language and literature at the University of Pennsylvania, with the contribution of Denis Mair and Zhang Liqing.

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