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Family coaching is a growing trend and specialised service which enables families to over come their challenges.

This service is done via Zoom and is done 1 to 2 hours at a time.

You will learn how to communicate with each other.
You will understand how to feel less frustrated.
You will feel able to build a harmonious home life again.

You will be able to understand anger and how to control it.
Parent without feeling you are in a. war zone.

So if you want a personalised session for you and your family surrounding these matters get in touch with me now. I have an outstanding results with those I have worked for over 26 years.

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Im a Positive Relationships and Family Coach, offering support specifically in communication, Anger management and understanding emotions.

Im a Key note speaker and a have a wealth of enthusiasm and knowledge to share.

Having been in the social care sector for over 26 years, I am highly skilled in the areas that I coach/Mentor in.

Id love to hear from you x

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Anna Scott
Sep 10, 2021

Hey , the sessions are mixed so with parents alone, and child alone and parents together wiht child

Anna Scott
Jun 3, 2021

Hi Anna, depends on the situation, Initially I prefer to meet individually with all members involved in the challenge identified, then I like to bring you together to be able to work through the challenges

Anna Scott
Jun 3, 2021

Hi April, Teenage years are never easy, so many changes and with the pandemic it has been even harder for many young adults to connect with their parents. 1) What would your Ideal relationship look like with your parents 2) what could you do and what could they do that would start to help towards that goal? 3) do you take even five mins a day to communicate with each other, asking how are you? and actively listen to what each other has to say? - im happy to support email me

Anna Ginger
Jun 3, 2021

Should the whole family be present at the session, or is it just me? Thanks

April Chase
Mar 24, 2021

I sometimes miss the support from my parents… we have never had a close relationship, we rarely go out together, we rarely talk, and we know almost nothing about each other. It makes me depressed… is it still possible to change something if I am already 18?I’m not going through the best period of my teenage life, can you help me find contact with my parents?…thank you in advance!

$100 USD