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The Art of Communication
Apr 13, 2021

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The Art of Communication:

Since I can remember I have always been able to communicate with those who struggle to express themselves.

I was one of nine children and often struggled to have my voice heard, expressing myself was hard. But to help others express themselves I found so easy, and easy to loose myself in their challenges rather than focusing on mine.

So communication is used within everything we do, this maybe verbal or non verbal. The power of true communication is observation, tapping into ones energy, and allowing safe space and validation that they’re feelings are valued and real for them.

In my 41 years here on earth the greatest thing I have learnt is never dismiss someones believes and feelings. Because when you can understand and connect with them from their point of view, no matter what you will be able to help them be heard.

Once you allow someone to be heard, watch them blossom, watch their negative approaches transform into uplifted high energy of positivity.

Children have this ability from new born, it is only the environment and others imposed teachings do they loose the ability to effectively communicate as they grow. To feel confidant in what they say, who they are and what they want to be!

When was the last time you sat with someone and actively listened to them, with no interruption, or no opinion imposed upon them?

Start with the little things, observe, nod of the head when they speak, eye contact, smiles, mirror their posture, enable them to feel safe, make quality time to sit together if thats 5 mins a day or 1 hour. It’s the quality of time rather than the quantity.

Make little gestures of connection through a touch on the shoulder or a little “that’s amazing” Enable others to give, in a world of 5x more praise than criticism you will see a child and or adult blossom into who they truly want to be.

Give the gift of your ears and time rather than shouting or dismissing.

Be great to connect with you to share so much more detail.

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