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$180 USD

A retuning of your energy body, Aura and Chakras with Reiki, Crystal Ritual, Guided Meditation and Yogic Practices.

From the energy of other people to the energy of the electromagnetic fields, the energy of conversations, collective thoughts, and even from emotional reactions to events - your energy field is constantly adjusting to cope with this bombardment.

Energy Rituals utilise the heightened sensitivity to vibrational frequencies, which are passed through the practitioner and then further amplified by crystals and passed on to you to balance your energy systems allowing for a resetting of the energy aspects of your body.

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Elizabeth Large
Apr 25, 2021

Hi Lina thank you for your interest. Feedback from clients is that they feel it is quite accurate. As to your second question are you asking how long does the effect of the session last after receiving it? That very much depends on each individual. Energy work can be similar to bodywork, one client might find immediate relief say from a stiff neck, another client may need a series of sessions to resolve an imbalance and some homework and lifestyle changes and longer commitment. Energy work is the same and is a team effort, sometimes it is a quick fix other times it is not. Feel free to look at some of my testimonials on my website. My goal is always to awaken a persons self healing abilities and not to have them reliant upon me, long term.
Warm Regards

Apr 25, 2021

Hello. how accurate is this practice? how long does it last?

$180 USD
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