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Divine Shamanic Healing Session: 1 hr

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Private Call regarding what you want to get out of your session/sessions.. Look at on going problems and talk about best approach towards healing. We will then look at the energetics within your body so to begin to release old thought patterns, emotions, traums, injuries, woundings, self sabotaging, self-limiting beliefs that have manifested in your body as dis-ease, discomfort, anxiety, pain, stress and ailments. I will facilitate and guide you on a inner journey of finding your center, grounding and connecting with your subconscious and higher self so to begin to look at where you are holding this energtic imprint in your body on a cellular level. We will also look at the point of origin on your timeline as well as geneticly passed on from ancestral and parental lines so to clear, relesse and heal our physical, mental, emotional and spiritual bodies. Ee will then open and ecpsnd and balance your chakras. We will look at areas where you have given your energy away consciously or unconsciously and reclaim your Power and set up boundaries.

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NLP, Coaching, Reiki & Shamanic Healing Sessions, Personal Readings.
I am a facilitator of change & healing.
I believe as we heal ourselves from the inside, we begin to heal ourselves on the outside as well as the world around us. My approach to health & wellness is shamanic. I’ve been on my path as a healer and messenger since 1982. I have many tools in my proverbial medicine bag

40 years of practice
On Core Spirit since November 2019

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$111 USD