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Divine Shamanic Healing Session:  30 min

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$55 USD

Private Call regarding what triggers, issues that have come up for your since your last session that is no longer serving you and keeping you from being your authentic self. I will facilitate and guide you on a inner journey of finding your center, grounding and connecting with your subconscious and higher self so to look at where you are holding this energtic imprint in your body on a cellular level that is holding you trapped and living in the past, preventing you from achieving and living the life that you truely want and anchor in the Healing Energies and reclaim your Power.

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NLP, Coaching, Reiki & Shamanic Healing Sessions, Personal Readings.
I am a facilitator of change & healing.
I believe as we heal ourselves from the inside, we begin to heal ourselves on the outside as well as the world around us. My approach to health & wellness is shamanic. I’ve been on my path as a healer and messenger since 1982. I have many tools in my proverbial medicine bag

40 years of practice
On Core Spirit since November 2019

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Reãudan Lowery
Apr 27, 2021

Yes it can help you learn to connect with that aspect of yourself that knows what your truth is.. Your true self… The session will help you quiet the chatter in your mind look at you beliefs surrounding what it is you believe you are wanting and what it is that you truyl want .

April Chase
Apr 27, 2021

Will your session help me find my true self? I have a serious life choice ahead of me, I would like to make sure that I can handle it and make the right choice.

$55 USD