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The Power Of Thought
Sep 29, 2021

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The Power Of Thoughts
by Reãudan, Lady Of Love And Light/ Roberta Lowery

When contemplating this subject The Power Of Thoughts it is important that you know this: The point of power is always in the present moment.
To fully comprehend this you must undersand this: that the past is just that, past. Over and done with, unless, that is, you keep holding on to it.
If you persist to live in the past, instead of the present, then you give power to it… What you focus on, think about, persists.
In other words, if you are going to keep giving energy, by way of your thoughts, to what this person did to you, or on a specific situation, or event that impacted you negatively, with an unwanted outcome, guess what? You are going to attract more of the same.
If you refuse to see, realize or learn, take in the information, then, by all means, go ahead and continue to live your life in your present state, and way of being, perpetuating the same energy over and over again… Same story different page…
Or you can Empower yourself by your willingness to let go of the past, and move into your future, by living in the present moment. Moving forward, by utilizing the lessons of the past, to be just that, lessons, and utilize the wisdom, the knowledge of this learning, to propel you forwards, by accentuating upon successful, and positive outcomes, and building upon them. Allowing them to become your strength’s impacting, that which you can change, which is your future. Always be aware that you can not change the past. It is over and done with. What you can change is the negative influences, and or impact, it has had on you by utilizing the knowledge gained in a positive productive manner to create your future.
When you free yourself from the past, you take your power back, so you can begin to be free in this very moment the present… and every moment going forwards.
Therefore free to create what you truly want. That which you truly desire, free from past limitations. Which by the way is what negative thought patterns are, they are self-limiting and therefore self-sabotaging based on fears, negative experiences, and outcomes, traumatic, painful, emotional, psychological, and physical experiences All of which you have been not only holding in your conscious mind but in your subconscious mind, as well, in your mental, emotional, spiritual, and physical bodies on a deep cellular and energetic level.
When you give thought to something you begin the process of attracting or drawing the essence of that something into your life…
What most have not grasped yet is that everything is vibration/energy and that what defines something is its vibrational/energetic pattern.
And once you begin to have an understanding of this you begin to realize that everything you perceive is Vibration and that the life you are living is your Vibrational interpretation.
Once you absorb this knowledge, this realization allows you to begin to understand that you came into this physical plain of existence that we call earth as a physical extension of Source Energy and are part of all that is. As such we are in a constant state of expansion.
So my friends I have given you food for thought. Now it is time for change. Are you ready for a change? Are you ready to set into motion the manifestation of your hopes and dreams. I know I am. Keep in mind that this is not going to just happen over night because like any new skill it takes practice, effort…. action.
But it could happen just like magic, it could. After all magic is the ability to manifest, to create what you desire… And yes Manifestation can be instantaneous… once you Master The Practice Of Manifestation. And that in it self is Magic… Magic Is Instantaneous Manifestation
Isn’t it time to bring about magic in your life… after all you are the creator of your own story so be the Magician, the Alchemist.

Get Ready and Expect Infinite Magical Possibilities…
Remember This: You Deserve and you are Worthy, and that the only thing holding you back is you, and your fears.
The fear of that which is unknown. This fear of the unknown can be greater than that, which is known. Too many people let that fear become paralyzing, and choose to stay in their miserable, painful, traumatic situations. Their own, self created trap, instead of taking a leap of faith, and freeing them self of their past, their self limiting, self doubting, self sabotaging, negative thought patterns and fears instead of stepping or diving into the future.

Their future. A Magical Future filled with infinite possibility…
Trust in the Process and Allow… Allow that which your old way of being, your old thought patterns perceived to be impossible become Possible… Allow the Magic to flow to you, through you and into your life.
Start looking at those things that are holding you back, if you have not started doing so all ready.
It is now time to let go of the old way of being, thinking, doing and seeing, because let’s face it, there is allot that you are missing out on, due to the fact you are holding on too tightly to that which you have out grown…. and right now it is those things that are holding you back. Those things that you have or are realizing that, are not working out for you. They are no longer, or simply where never your truth. They didn’t fit, or you where not ever comfortable with, they didn’t resonate with you, you where not happy with dissatisfied, discontent with.
Perhaps something you were just settling for because you thought that what you really wanted was out of your reach, too hard to get, was going to take too long… What ever that was, you know in your heart, you still want it… It may have even been pushed so far back because you thought it was impossible… Nothing is really impossible you just have given up on it too soon.. You did not have the foresight to see it through or you exhausted all your resources so you just gave up on it…. but yet in the back of your mind your thoughts it still lingers…
As a wise, well known Dr. always asks: How’s that working out for you?….. It is not…
So I am asking you, to just look around, and see what is starting to fall away.. what is beginning to, or is breaking down in your life. That which is no longer working for you.
And things are breaking down not only in our lives but in the world around us… One has only to take a pause and just look around. The Old ways, our old ways of doing things just are not working…
We are being confronted with situations in our personal lives by things that are beginning to challenge our beliefs and our way of life to bring about those things that need to be brought to our attention. Those things we need to change.
That which is no longer tolerable, and that we can no longer ignore, as they have become detrimental to us and exhausting us.
What once we thought was acceptable behavior of our self, and or others is fast becoming unacceptable. It is leaving a bad taste in our mouth or just down right making us sick or for some killing us..
We are being challenged by others and we are challenging others and standing up for what we believe to be true for us… And we are either seeing that our beliefs hold up or, that they do not, coming to the undeniable truth that what we believed to be true is indeed not. Or that they are.
We are especially experiencing this in those things we have left up to time to tell…
How many times have you shrugged your shoulders and said oh well only time will tell… Well hello guess what? That Time is here. The great reveal, or the awakening, if you will, is happening right now… Most have heard or have said this statement, “something has got to give”. Well it has and is, right now.
We are seeing this happening right now…. And the only thing we can do right now, is control what we do in reaction and in action to this.. How we respond is vitally important.
Are you going to fear it, or run and hide, or set there in disbelief, or denial, or run blindly screaming and yelling into head on danger, and or do the blame game, which only makes you a victim not the victor.
Or you can do this instead, stop take a moment, regroup, focus, pay attention and think, or rethink this thing through, step by step. Looking at what is working and what is not. What is true, and what is not.
Accentuate the positive and do not harbor, perseverate on the negative and move forwards from there, out of this/a state of perpetuation… Which means inaction… acceptance of the status quo.
My friends I’m here to tell you are beyond extraordinary you just have not realized it yet. It’s time don’t you think
And this is the perfect time as we just had a full Moon on the 22nd which is about illuminating bringing to our attention, those things that are no longer serving us, so that we can let go of these things, people, jobs, circumstances, and situations. Time to free yourself, cut the cords in relationships, leave a job, or initiate change and begin to move in a new direction, out of that which is not fulfilling you or you have lost interest in or it has become to exhausting and or toxic, or burdensome for you…
Don’t you feel you are worthy or Deserving? If not it is time you ask your self why not? And really look at what makes you so undeserving… so unworthy…. because my friend their lies the key to your misery….
and the time to pick up that key and unlock the door to all that you deserve is now….
This is the perfect time to begin because the full Moon is bringing light to the situation your in now, to bring it to your attention, right now, so you can pick the key up, walk over to the door, and unlock it, and look at what opportunity or opportunities await you, so you can prepare for the next level of your journey, and start preparing yourself to make that next step, towards what it is you want, so that you can plant the seeds at the opportune moment of the approaching New Moon Energy. Which is the time of seed planting, so to bring into fruition what it is you want…
Readying for a change. Setting into motion. Manifesting. I hope I have planting these seeds with you today…
Reãudan, Lady Of Love And Light

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