Transforming Your Life
Feb 28, 2021

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Transforming Your Life

by Reãudan, Roberta Lowery

Are you trapped stagnated in the same old same old?

Are you allowing transformation to take place in your life or are you resistant to it?

Change is an essential part of human development. That is how we grow and evolve. Think about it from the point of inception we continually change, grow, and transform into a fully developed baby ready to enter the world. But that is only one stage in our evolution on so many levels. Hungry for knowledge of the world around us, as we are exposed to new things, new people, new places, new experiences, we are like sponges soaking up all that is going on around us in our homes, our family unit, our surroundings, our environment. We are experiential beings that’s how we learn. Think about how rapidly and how quickly an infant grows and goes through the different stages of developmental growth and milestones of development not only physically but mentally.

You see we are a very welled oil machine for the most part. We are capable of so much more than medicine and sciences have uncovered. And kudos to them for they have discovered much, but there is still so much more discovery left to do. After all our entire existence is and has been about discovery.

Our minds are so complex and so are our bodies. Much has been learned about them but, what about our soul, our spirit, our essence? Wow, we are so unaware. For here we talk about those things that are not seen not visible, apparent, obvious, that we cannot reach out and physically hold it and examine. Energetic is the plane of existence of spirit. And this is not something everyone can sense, feel, or see. In the past when someone felt or talked to spirits, souls, or other sentient beings, they were feared, thought of as evil, and often thought of as crazy, and laughed at as well.

But the point is that it does exist. We are mind-body, and spirit. It is time to realize this and own it, so we can begin to fully experience the Beautiful, Powerful beings that we truly are. We have not even begun to experience our fullest potential because we are not fully and some not even aware of who we are truly meant to be. From the beginning of our time on earth as human beings, we have been in a state of learning and discovery.

Take the caveman era, the neanderthals, granted we are beyond that level and state of being but they did not just lie down and take what was dished out to them by mother nature and others. They had to fight and invent. They used all of their senses to survive. But more than that, it was their innate sense of curiosity, their ability to learn, their hunger for more, their innate ingenuity as their thoughts had to go into survival and creating fire, tools, weapons, like the invention of the wheel. These are, as human beings our innate quality.

Everything including our physical bodies, change through the process of evolving. This is known as Evolution. Our minds, mental and emotional bodies also evolve and so do our souls, our spiritual bodies our spirits. And how does it do this? The answer is through transformation.

Why then you say am I not seeing a transformation in my life. It is simple and boils down to this. You resist it. You fear it. You are not even aware of the fact that you can transform. You come up with reasons, excuses, objections to avoid it. You even consciously and unconsciously create situations, events, obstacles to self-sabotage your selve in order to keep you from moving forwards and becoming who you truly are, who you were and are meant to be. Why because you have grown complacent and comfortable in the world for the most part. Until something upsets the proverbial apple cart.

Let us look at some common fill in the blank statements. I call them avoidance statement… In other words, excuses.

The most common ones:

I should but……..

I can’t because……….

I want to but…………

If only…………

Every time I try this happens……….

I am going to when…………

I started to but……..

So as you start looking at these you begin to see a bigger picture. You see that behind these excuses are underlying beliefs. These are your beliefs that you picked up somewhere along the way. I call them influencers that embed in your thought pattern and your energetic field. Unfortunately these beliefs these influencers become your way of thinking and behaving. They become if you will, your energetic signature…. and your energetic footprint in your life and in this world. It becomes your normal.

Great news it doesn’t have to be that way, and it shouldn’t be that way. You have a choice. After all these beliefs, these patterns are only influencers. Some very Powerful Influencers mind you.

But just like someone trying to influence you or manipulate you, it is up to you to whether you realize it or not, to allow or not allow the influence or the manipulation. Are you going to allow the influencer or manipulator to lead you? Are you willing to allow your subconscious thought patterns based on old patterns, beliefs rule your life, or are you willing to be the ruler of your own life? The creator of your destiny. Or are you going to allow self-limiting, self-sabotaging, outdated beliefs and influences to create your destiny?

So let’s take a look at what is holding you back from living life to your fullest potential. Making Your dreams come true so to obtain your heart’s desire.

Yes, you can have everything you want your life to be. Your heart’s truest desire. It is up to you. Only you can create change in your life. What is holding you back from making these shifts? Let us look at where you have become complacent and comfortable because you have an underlying fear of the unknown and so many times, if not all the time, this is the main reason you become stuck and stagnant. At least in your pain, you know how to live with it. And therein is the problem.

We as human beings have learned as a coping mechanism and this is the key. It is a learned behavior. And that behavior is avoidance. We use it to deal and cope with circumstances, things, predicaments, because we feel it is going to be too hard, too difficult, too complicated, too painful, too overwhelming, or that it is going to take too long or we will not be able to overcome something, fix something, succeed at something.

It all boils down to fear, we are fearful that it is going to be too difficult, too painful, or painstaking.

We fear failure. Most would rather stay stuck than put in the effort, the work, to face whatever it is they need to face, to overcome whatever it is they need to deal with because it is easier, it takes less effort or energy.

But guess what in the long run it cost you more. It robs you of your energy in the grander scheme of things because eventually, it wears you down physically mentally, and emotionally. Above all, it robs you of a better way of living of coping, of dealing with and being in your life. It robs you of vitality, of success, of victory, of your happiness.

Moving Out Of A State Of Energetic Perpetuation: Transformation

Fear=Resistance=Perpetuation: Willingness=Change=Transformation=Success=Victory=Achievement

Forgiveness is the acknowledgment that the world is not perfect, people are not perfect, we are not perfect.

This realization allows us to move forwards, so to let go of the anger and pain that holds us prisoner, in order to transmute old beliefs and behaviors, so that we are able to transform ourselves and our lives.

Realization is the first step to taking back your life. Reclaiming your ability, your free will and the power to create your own Reality. The Life Your Heart Desires. It will take work and dedication and above all else a commitment to self/yourself.

If you are ready and willing I am here to help as I have transformed myself and my life many times over.

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