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Clinical Hypnotherapy

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$85 USD
$85 USD

Hypnotherapy is a very powerful technique that can help with many issues including anxiety, fears and phobias, phobias, smoking, weight loss, pain, positive mindsets and much more.

Hypnotherapy is a safe, natural and drug free approach that can allow you to take back control of your life. It can help you free yourself from the issues that are holding you back and set you on the path to lead a healthier and more enjoyable life.

Hypnotherapy sessions are available face to face in my office in Glasgow, Scotland, or online via the comfort of your own home via Skype, Zoom of FaceTime.

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17 Gilbertfield Road, Cambuslang, Glasgow, UK

I am a fully qualified and experienced hypnotherapist based in the UK.

I specialise in spiritual hypnosis working with past life regression and between lives hypnosis (transitioning people past the death point of past lives, into our true state as energy beings). I also help people with mindset issues such as anxiety, fears etc using clinical hypnotherapy.

I also work online over Skype or Zoom.

On Core Spirit since October 2019

Stephen Towill
Past Life and Between Lives Demonstration - Core Spirit & Stephen Towill Instagram Live

Live Instagram Demonstration

I had the pleasure of demonstration a Past Life and Between Lives hypnosis session with the lovely Olga of Spirit Media live on their Instagram channel. She had kindly volunteered to be the guinea pig and was excited to see what experiences would come up.

With these sessions of Past Life regression and Between lives hypnosis, anything can come up. Throwing into the mix the added dimension of doing the full session live, I was intrigued to see what would happen.

Hypnosis Session

After running through the hypnotic induction and help Olga get to a good state of hypnosis, I then moved to the first stage which was the past life regression. To have success with these sessions, you are looking for a good deep state of somnambulism.

Past Life Regression

Olga suddenly found herself standing in a field. She was able to experience the temperature in the air and could see the sea in the distance. Many past lives usually go on to experience humble lives of a person, describing the trials and tribulations, the relationships and the dramas of the life. Olga’s life took a bit of a strange turn of events however. When I said that anything can happen with these past life regression sessions, this might have been an understatement.

Olga found herself not as a human, but experiencing life as a horse. She could feel the power of the horse and was able to feel its strength and love of running. Later in the session I was able to ask about the life as the horse and if it was an actual past life. It was explained however that Olga didn’t live a life as a horse but was shown the experiences living as a horse to show her lessons she needed to hear.

The lessons I will get too shortly, but the life continues and she found herself in a battle field, which seemed to contain medieval solders in full metal armoury, at war on a battle field. She could experience charging forward with a soldier on her back fearlessly. She then found herself lying injured and bleeding and soon passed.

Between Lives Hypnosis

Ogla then found herself surrounded in light. In fact she remarked that not only was she surrounded in light, but she was light. She talked about having no body and being pure energy. Olga continued to remark about how amazing the experience was, but as I started talking again, Olga started laughing in a very surprised way. She described how she could see the words I was speaking as pure energy. This type of synaesthesia seemed to only add to the incredible experiences she was witnessing.

Spirit Guides

I then asked Olga if she was aware of anything else that could come forward to help bring more understanding around the past life regression experience as a horse. Generally at this stage guides or other beings may come forward to help the person understand and help them gain information or insight into what they need to take, from the past life they have been shown. Ogla became aware of some sort of energy sphere; it seemed that it was glass like at first, but Ogla explained that it seemed to be pure energy; energy like she was. This energy which seemed to be able to communicate consciously explained that the life of a horse wasn’t an actual past life of Olga’s, but given as an experience to realise about strength, fearlessness and playfulness. Olga on several occasions remarked about the total waste of life these wars caused, but seemed to understand the lessons this experience was about.

We are All Energy

While communicating with the being, Olga kept repeating that everything is energy; she was being shown that our life is just a game, we are here to be playful, that fear doesn’t exist, its an emotion tied to the physical reality and simply doesn’t exist in our energetic reality. She also repeated the message that we are love.

We Are All One

On further questioning of the being and what it was to Olga, the message Olga got back was simply that you are me and I am you. Olga was being made aware that we are all one, that there is no separation in spirit. We are all part of the creator.

Final Messages

Before we closed the session, I asked Olga to ask the being if it wanted to bring forward anything more to the session. Olga was shown a sunset. She remarked that it was about a re-birthing, a new phase. Unfortunately we were running short on time as we were only doing a short demo session. We were limited to Instagrams one hour live duration, and didn’t have time to explore this message further.

Higher Conscious Mind

After calling forward Olga’s higher conscious mind and having a brief chat to see if it wanted to offer any more to the session, we then brought Olga back to the conscious awareness and back out of the hypnotic state.

The Wonders of the Higher States of Consciousness

The session did only last around 20-30 minutes, but in the short time we had, Olga was able to experience the wonders of that higher state of being and gain some lessons and messages. Full sessions usually last around 3 hours and would explore in much more depth our spiritual existence to help us find our paths, gain understanding around our being and receive healing from current and past life experiences.

Booking Sessions

For anyone wishing to experience a past life regression of Between Lives hypnosis session themselves, feel free to get in contact with me to arrange an online Skype or Zoom session. I also conduct sessions in person from my offices in Glasgow, Scotland.

Stephen Towill
The Mind Body Connection

We Are All Energy

We often talk about the mind body connection and how it is important to our health and well-being.

What if this link goes much deeper though?

A common assumption we often make is that our bodies are physically created objects. An object we eventually discard, with our mind or soul returning to the spirit world. This is a common perception we get from many religions and beliefs.

Quantum Level

When we look down to the atomic level, and even deeper into the particle makeup within the atom, there is no physical matter, only events. The atom’s nucleus is made up of protons and neutrons, with them being made up of quarks. Quarks being nothing more than fast moving points of energy.

So really everything we believe to be physical, including our bodies, when broken right down, is nothing more than billions of specifically arranged points of energy.

Between Lives & Spiritual Experience

As souls (or a fragment of the source consciousness), from the understanding given through between life experiences using hypnosis, people relay that they are conscious energetic beings. Conscious energy that is expanding and growing through its experience.

Knowing that our atomic building blocks of our physical world are also only energetic events, what if our bodies are merely energetic projections of our conscious being?

Again from between lives information, we are told that our physical reality is a platform for learning. Like a computer game, or a constructed dimension to allow us to experience, learn and grow.

Energetic Body Mind and World

With the idea that our bodies are projections of our energetic soul energy, conscious energy that is obeying the rules of the atomic game, maybe our soul isn’t separate from the body.

Maybe our body energy that is within every atom and within these tiny quark (points of energy), IS our soul energy. Soul energy that is interfacing and communicating with the source energies atomically modelled platform. To the human eye, this source energies platform creates a perception of physical reality. This in turn results in life being a blending of the source energy’s platform with our soul energy. A platform created for us to learn and experience for our growth.

This atomic structure or platform is nothing more than perceived matter, but in reality at the quantum level it is pure energy, energy of source, or God if you prefer that idea.

This perceived matter from the ground we walk on, to the air we breathe, to the stars we see in the sky, are trillions upon trillions upon trillions of tiny points of energy shaping our perceived reality.

The Mind Body Connection – The Body is a Temple

We sometimes neglect our bodies and mistreat them. There is even the perception that we take a physical body (a bit like buying a car), to live out our physical experience on earth, before discarding it when we die. We think of our body as something separate. But by neglecting our bodies, we are only neglecting our conscious energy that is our soul.

This is why the mind body connection is so important. Maybe this is why having a healthy body, helps create a healthy mind. An unhealthy body would be inharmonious with our soul consciousness, a healthy body being harmonious.

We Truly Are All One

There is no separation, between physical and spiritual, it is all one. We are energetic expressions projecting onto a physically perceived holographic universe. Here to interact with each other and our perceived environments to help us learn, expand and ascend in our conscious growth.

Book a Session

I facilitate Past Life Regression and Between Lives sessions from my office in Glasgow, Scotland. I also work online via Skype or Zoom for those unable to travel to see me.

Stephen Towill
The Impossible is Possible – Positive Mind

Impossible is Just a Mindset

There are a lot of things that seem impossible, only because we allow our minds to accept it’s impossible.

How many of the greatest inventions, pieces of art or discoveries were created by someone sitting believing that it was impossible? Probably very few, if any.

Power of the Mind

One of the most important parts of achieving our hopes and dreams is all down to how we use our minds.

All the greatest people had believe and determination. To always believe it can be done and to have the tenacity to keep going. Even through initial failures and in the face of their critics and doubters.

Giving up is the easy route. But with a mindset like that, you will achieve very little, you may even be stifling others by projecting that mindset onto them.

Within every one of us, is creative genius. A direct link to the source creator. A power that can be tapped into and utilised to carve out your potential. Achieve your highest ambitions and even inspire others to achieve theirs.

Negative to Positive Mindset

Negative mindsets can be hard to overcome, but through the use of hypnosis, we can retrain our minds to resort to positive, to belief in our abilities and to achieve that which we deep down know can be done.

It might not even be something that will change the world.

It might even just be changing that thought from: I’m not good enough, to I am more than good enough.

Change the: I can’t do this on my own, to I can do this better than anyone.

Even change the: I can’t afford to do this, too I will find away to financial achieve this.

It’s only your mind and the way it thinks. It can be retrained to manifest your goals and dreams.

You Are Good Enough

You are good enough, in fact you are incredible and limitless in your potential. The power is in you and at your finger tips. You just need to train your mind to start actioning it.

Book a Session

I am a full time qualified hypnotherapist that can help you change the way your mind thinks to allow you to start living a much more driven and positive life.

Using tools like Hypnotherapy, NLP and Life Coaching you can transform your mind and start living the life you desire.

Stephen Towill
What is the purpose of life?

What is the purpose of life?

One of the greatest questions, which is still out there without a certain answer is: what is the purpose of life.

Blindly Following of Science

For hundreds of years, we have followed science in regards to the origin of life, studying what we can observe, test and prove. Although we weren’t around millions of years ago, we can study what we can find in fossils and historic scraps of evidence. We can study the behaviour of how biology works and how cellular life operates. We can then, with this observational evidence, work out possible theories based on this understanding. Following logical likelihood’s to arrive at conclusions.

Commonly Believed Origin of Life

Through this method, more modern thinking seems to have settled on the theory that we were all created through freak chance. That there has been a Big Bang, the universe and planets formed then some sort of cellular mutation happened that mutated and evolved into the wonders of the human body. The amusing fact about this theory however, is the number of unlikely factors that needed to happen to support life. The odds that life and the human race should exist are extremely low. If I was to try type out the estimated numbers of life and the universe forming by random chance, my blog would become to a novel. It’s an interesting subject however to go investigate, as I have found out.

Quantum Physics

Over the last hundred years, science has made more interesting discoveries. In the early 1900’s, quantum physics was discovered. By studying the building blocks of life at the sub atomic level, our science and ways of thinking were turned on their heads.

We now know that perceived physical matter, when studied at the sub atomic level, beyond the particles within the atoms, lie quarks. A quarks through observation, is purely energetic events.

In fact if you go to this level and look up to our perception of life, life as we know it takes on a totally different picture. The air we breathe, plant life, human life, animal life, the earth, the stars, they are all structured atoms following the same building block system. So in reality, all we are is billions of subatomic little bursts of fast moving energy, creating a giant reality that we as humans, perceive as physical reality. Every single thing that we see and can touch is energy. Energy ingeniously constructed in a way that appears to be physical reality.

Science has dominated modern ways of thinking for some time, with other experiential discoveries being pushed to the side. Experiential events ignored simply because they can’t be understood or tested using scientific methods.

Who Are We Really?

One of the biggest mysteries to life is something that resides within every one of us. Something that science can’t explain, because it doesn’t exist within our current scientific paradigm. That mystery is consciousness.

We know we are conscious, because we are aware, we can create through our thoughts. We know we are something. Deep down we know we are more than our physical bodies, yet science has denied us this, as it simply can’t prove it.

The Occurrence of Ghosts

Other factors of unexplained occurrences out with science, but having some relation to life could be ghosts. What’s that? Crazy people’s imagination maybe? It’s not scientifically provable!

Ancient Ghosts Storie s

For thousands of years, people have been experiencing these phenomena of ghosts. In the bible, Saul, in the first book of Samuel, goes to a medium woman to ask her to conjure up Samuel. Even in Ancient Greece, Pausanius wrote around 150AD, about a haunting at the site of the battle of Marathon.

Even today, mediums can even communicate with them, delivering very precise information about passed loved ones.

UFO’s and Aliens

What about lights in the sky?

Or evidence of military aircraft footage which has recorded strange lights in the sky? Recordings that show the Lights travelling at incredible speeds, before darting off into the distance.

Multiple people recording these weird UFO’s in the sky on camera. People claiming interaction with other beings, alien abductions?

Even ancient writings portraying how humans have received knowledge from ascended beings from the sky! All these writings coming from ancient cultures such as Egyptians, South American’s, and Eastern cultures. It’s all there in archaeological findings and passed down through cultural beliefs. But it’s not proven by scientific (or is it?), so it must be the creation of primitive people with big imaginations.

Every Problem, No Matter How Difficult Has A Solution!

From a very young age, I loved the mystery, the unexplained. I’m a natural problem solver, so the mystery, the unexplained is like a new toy to me. That’s probably why I have gone for the big mystery. It’s probably no accident that I now work with the mind and the consciousness. When I get a problem or an unsolved issue, I am like a dog with a bone.

Working with spiritual hypnosis, I have discovered how we can tap into some very interesting information. By expanding the minds perception using hypnosis, we can start to open up to experiences. Experiences that may hold many of the answers to our questions, including what is the purpose of life?

So What Is The Purpose Of Life

Returning to the whole point of this article, ‘what is the purpose of life? Through the work I do with between lives hypnosis, and through the work of many others using hypnosis, maybe this question can be answered.

Between Lives Hypnosis

By inducing hypnotic trance in people and following certain techniques, all sort of strange experiences start to happen. I call it between lives hypnosis, but others such as Dr Michael Newton refer to it as Life Between Lives work, others work from this perspective using Delores Cannons method of QHHT. Dr Brian Weiss stock with just Past Life Regression, and the spiritual element just a continuation of the past life regression process.

Meet The Masters And The Non Physical

With this state of between lives hypnosis, people meet guides and spirit teachers. They encounter higher ascended beings that people call masters or elders. Some use other varying descriptive terms for these higher ascended conscious beings. These beings seem to already have expanded their consciousness levels. Expanded their levels beyond the level of the souls that choose to come to earth to learn and grow.

People encounter other beings that they may be associated with, but have left these groups to come to earth to help. These seems to be related to the aliens that are appearing and supposedly here helping and observing as explained by people in hypnosis.

Others sometimes just meet past relatives, who come to them in the spiritual state. Generally though it seems to fit what the client needs.

The Purpose Of The Life

The purpose of life though, from what many people reveal through these sessions, is that life as we know it on earth, in this perceived physical dimension, is all about learning. Everyone on this earth in some way is learning and growing through experiences.

The Big Game

The way it’s explained by many under hypnosis, is that our experience here is like a big game. We are eternal conscious souls that can’t die. We are conscious fragments of experiential energy, that all connect to the greater consciousness we call source, or God, or the light. But as these singular souls, we are growing and expanding.

It’s the game or the earth construct of billions of little energetic events that form the platform for us to learn. Like a huge computer game, where we are all interacting, loving, killing, dying, suffering, enjoying, exploring, procrastinating, hurting, saving, sharing, helping and so on. A place where we make mistakes, we learn and then we come back to overcome our previous failings.

The Mistakes And The Failings

We may have interfered with others learning’s, and so must come back and overcome the failings we previously played out. This ties in with past life regression, where people recall the events of a prior life. From the understanding of what people explain under hypnosis, following a past life regression, we have lived hundreds, even thousands of times previously. But through each life, we have the opportunity to grow, to expand our conscious understand and ascend.

It is said that from the spiritual side, it is pure love. We are all part of the source energy and we are all one. Where we do make mistakes, we are always forgiven and allowed to try again. This allows us to try again, so we can overcome our weakness and expand and grow.

The Past Life Regression

Following past life regressions we can experience the life review. We can experience what our life purpose was for that past life; see where we succeeded and what we need to work on in another life.

What Is The Purpose Of Life: The Physical Dimension

From the perspective of the physical dimension, life is about learning, growing and improving to allow us to expand our conscious being. Life on earth is an opportunity, a gift where we have the free will to learn the lessons that can help us ascend.

What Is The Purpose Of Life: The Spiritual Dimension

From the perspective of life from our spiritual reality, it is what we are. We are eternal conscious beings or pure energy of love and all part of the light or the greater consciousness. Spiritual life is our awareness our potential to create, to expand and to grow without limitation.

The Beauty Of Life

Life is your opportunity to be all you can be. To do your best, to help others who are all on the same path. To grow together for our improvement and for our expansion. To learn, expand and to create, to ascent without limitations.

About Me

I am a spiritual hypnotherapist that works with past life regression and between lives hypnosis. I work from my office in Glasgow, offering face to face session. For those outside Glasgow or for those are unable to travel to Glasgow, I offer online sessions.

I have worked with many people all over the world including Australia, Europe, America and the UK. I use Skype or Zoom which works really well as long as both parties has strong and reliable Wi-Fi signals.

Stephen Towill
The new Earth and Coronavirus

The new Earth and Coronavirus

We are currently going through major events that will eventually be documented in history books. The whole world is currently turning to isolation and self protection in an attempt to avoid the Coronavirus.

I have seen many claims around the virus including 5G, mandatory vaccinations, intentional population culls including reduction in the elderly population. There are stories of agendas by the world bank around losses in pandemic bonds. Even intentional crashing of economies to cover up a flailing capitalist societies and currencies.

There may be some truth in some of this, maybe there isn’t. Maybe we will never find out, maybe we will. The purpose however of this blog isn’t to fuel the fire of fear and conspiracy that is already sweeping the globe, in fact it’s quite the opposite.

I had the pleasure of working with 3 amazing women last week. 3 separate clients that came to me for my 3 hour Between Lives sessions. One client was online in Australia and the other 2 came to see me face to face in Glasgow.

Although the sessions were more about their lives and spiritual growth, each client brought forward information from spiritual sources around the current events.

The information was being given by elders, with one of the woman’s group calling themselves The Keepers of Light.

The remarkable thing was that each of the women pretty much brought forward the same information and it is this information I want to share. Pretty much everything below is transcribes from the clients experiences.

The general theme through the 3 sessions were that current events are all part of an energetic shift, a change of frequencies which are contributing towards the rising of the earths energy.

It was relayed that through catastrophe, the gate way to change opens up. If everything was to remain calm, then nothing would change. It was stated that the Earth has to change although full ascension will take time. The earths energy is out of balance and must change. Things need to collapse so we can have renewal.

The keepers of light group said that this is only the beginning of the process, of culling excess greed and consumerism.

One of the groups who contained 5 beings and who referred to themselves as overseers and higher guides said the process will also help heal the world. The pandemic is only part of the process. It will help clear waters and the air, with people eventually having to return to nature. They advised that people need to stop being so busy and step back, enjoy their families and have fun again, and that the virus will pass.

The groups all stated that there are many of them and they are there to support.

It was advised that we must support each other. People will become disconnected and forget what they came here to do. They will become depressed, disillusioned but we must help these people to get reconnected. We must support each other for the process to work. Failing in this, is the only way the process can fail.

We must remember who we are and help others remember who they are.

It was also stated that there are also many others on the Earth working towards bringing energies back into balance.

It was said that some humans will be unable to carry the new frequency, and will be lost through the full process. However some have contracted into this and souls will continue to follow their own path.

The one warning given by the keepers of light, was that we must watch the fear. We must try to stop the spread of the fear energy.

Through fear people become dis-empowered and will allow themselves to be controlled. This is where we must work together and help each other through the shift.

The advice does seem to focus on the purpose, rather than the drama which we are experiencing. Times are terrible for many, but it’s at these times people usually pull together. This may only be the start as was stated above, but we must unite together and work towards a better place to live.

The agendas mentioned at the start where never brought up in any of the session, but should there be truth in them, then we must focus on our power, our unity and our strengths to creatively move forward and help this shift happen as forecast by the overseers in the sessions.

Stephen Towill
Is Fear Overly Active in our Minds?

Is Fear Overly Active in our Minds?

Fear can save our lives, but it can also place massive limitations on our lives if we let it dominate.

Our minds operate based on learned experiences. From the day we are born, or brains are creating neural pathways, and using these pathways by applying them to new responses we encounter. Neural pathways become adaptive and help form new neural pathways for the new response.

If the way our brain works is by being adaptive, using responses previously learned and applying them towards new situations, then it’s very important we pay attention to what our brains are using.

If we allow fear to start to dominate our minds and our minds start applying it to more and more new responses, before we know it we will be living our life from a highly fearful perspective.

It doesn’t help either that in today’s work we are constantly fed news from the media which focuses highly on murder, atrocity, violence and currently viruses. We watch horror movies and movies that contain high levels of tension and violence. We play games that also contain high levels of murder and killing. Is it any wonder we many of us have brains that are wiring its neural pathways around fear?

Sever fear and fear that is considered phobic usually has its origins in one or 2 severe events. Our brains can then start to wire its neural pathways around new events with many of our new responses having the old fear learning factored in.

- Is fear limiting your life?

- Are you afraid to try something new due to the fear of failure?

- You might not want to try improve your life by applying for a new job for instance, due to the fear of being unable to do it, or fear you may not be able to perform well in the interview.

- Do you have a fear of losing control?

- Maybe you don’t want to go out on dates to meet a partner through the fear of rejection, or fear you may get hurt?

- We are creatures of habit, maybe you just have a fear of change?

- You may be limiting your life options as you cling to the familiar, terrified of the unknown?

- Your fear might even just be in driving on motorways or driving in busy traffic where the roads may be unfamiliar to you, again a fear of the unfamiliar?

Fear can be riddled all through our life choices and we are just allowing it to happen. Fear really can be such a debilitating emotion that our unconscious mind is building more and more into our every thoughts.

As I said in the opening line though, fear can have its uses. You may be standing, with a gang of people running at you with weapons. In a situation like this, you want your mind to fire the fear response; you want a reaction that’s going to make you get away from that situation as fast as humanly possible.

Fear can have its place, however we need to be more conscious of how fear is effecting our lives. Is your mind using fear in way to many inappropriate situations? Is your neural pathways all forming in ways that fear is overly present?

We can change our minds however. Neural pathways are forming all the time and we can break these patterns. The mind is highly resourceful, and old neural pathways can be broken down and new ones formed just as quickly as the old ones formed.

We learn through repetition. What we repeat strengthens the neural pathways; this is why habits form so easily. Really everything we do and become good at, is based on the mind looking for familiar learned responses. It will then apply these responses to the immediate event or challenge, and form new responses to manage similar events in future. The more we repeat, the better we get and the stronger the neural pathways become.

With this knowledge, we can break down these fearful responses. This is why facing your fears and pushing through then, breaks down the old neural pathways and creates new ones. These will then in turn cause all the old fearful reposes to break down.

Trying to push through fear though can be hard. Especially when we have phobic responses. The fear may be deep rooted in the mind and attached to events that may even be traumatic.

Hypnosis however is incredibly powerful with these sort of problems. People with fears and phobias can have incredible results through hypnosis. With hypnosis, we can quickly change the ways we think. We can change the beliefs around the deeper rooted trauma, and help form the new neural pathways using our powerful creative imagination around the desired state we wish to achieve.

We don’t need to live in fear; we don’t have to be living with limiting beliefs or limiting responses to events. Without fear, in the inappropriate moments, we could bring much reward and prosperity into our lives. Doing the things we have always dreamed of doing, but have been allowing fear to quash these dreams.

As a hypnotherapist based in Glasgow in Scotland, I have helped many people overcome fears using hypnosis.

- Are you are struggling to break these old responses down?

- Maybe you are struggling to overcome the limiting beliefs your mind is firing at you?

Feel free to contact me and we can work together to get your life on a much more positive path. I am available to work face to face in my office or online via Zoom or Skype.

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Egyptian Sekhmet Healing REIKI Session


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I'm obsessed with holistic healing, I did my studies in the US, UK, and Mexico. I learned Sekhmet Reiki in Egypt from one

This form of Reiki is based in Egypt and is considered the extension of healing and well-being from the **Egyptian Goddess Sekhmet. **

The main principle of this form of Reiki is to promote positivity and build** a stronger sense of spirituality **through the opening of chakras and delivering a strong light or **healing power. **

The effects are powerful, and many people report the effects of just one session lasting for more than several days.

The treatment focuses on** healing, emotionally **and mentally, from situations that cause grieving or other stressful scenarios, including marital breakdown, loss of employment, and other difficult experiences in life.


  • Fast physical, spiritual, and emotional healing
  • Assists in the manifestation of goals
  • A stronger sense of inner peace and acceptance.
  • Increases your self-awareness and your relationships with your relationships, love, family, friends, or coworkers.
  • Increases your feeling of being alive
  • It helps accelerate your spiritual growth and communication with your Higher Self


The duration of the Reiki healing session is 30 minutes and an additional 15 minute Chakra alignment


Bring some music that you find relaxing to you.
Go to the bathroom before the session so that you can lie down
comfortably without the distraction of feeling the need to go to the toilet.
You can place gemstones and crystals on your body or around you. Trust that you will receive exactly what you need at that moment.
Use your favorite essential oil. Essential oils can raise our vibration and open the chakras for further healing.
You can clear your space with sage.

Other comments

About Sekhmet
Sekhem (or Sekhmet) is an ancient Egyptian word that means “Universal Energy or Power”, roughly translated as “Power of Powers”. Sekhem in Egyptian hieroglyphs is symbolized by the scepter, and it represents the connection between Heaven and Earth.

...There are no other known energy systems that can compare with the high vibrational energy of Sekhem, nor does any other energy work at a deeper soul level. It also allows you to heal, and it helps your personality and spirituality, so you can find your soul’s purpose and unlock your full potential.

SEKHMET” was regarded as the Goddess of Healing, Protection, and Destruction of Illness.
For the Egyptians, magic was a normal part of everyday life. It was used in very formal religious rituals and was considered an integral part of medicine at all levels.

The traditional number of sessions is four. This tends to give you enough time to evaluate the benefits, if any, you are receiving.
When you are facing a serious illness, most people would suggest a series of four sessions completed in less than one week.

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Berkeley, CA, USA
Daily Reiki for a Month

Reiki for 5 Minutes of a day for a month

How to order:
Rates are designed to be cheaper for longer periods…
$25 per month (30 days of reiki, $0.84/day)

1. Your name (First and Last Name).
2. Your primary location. Location should include City, State (or region) and Country.

What to expect:
Most people do not have the time or money to schedule a weekly 30-minute reiki session. I offer Reiki by the day. Sign up and go about your life knowing that this reiki master is sending 5 minutes of reiki a day around sunrise or sunset.

Discover renewed calm and balance with a little Reiki every day. Watch as common aches and pains seem to vanish. Everyone needs more reiki for a deeper balance of the Mind, Body, and Spirit.

Please send me your feedback by email or social media.

Benefits of Reiki:
- Relieve pain, fatigue, and depression.
- Reduced stress, and anxiety.
- Increased feelings of relaxation. Aiding in sleep and removing insomnia symptoms.
- Improved mood and emotional well-being. Better appreciation for life, especially our own. Leading to improved quality of life.
- May improve conditions like headache, tension, insomnia, and nausea.

Legal disclaimer:
The Reiki is not a medical device, and not intended for use in diagnosing, healing, or preventing disease.

Reiki sessions can detoxify the body on a physical and spiritual level. Physical effect could be digestive discomfort as the body purges toxins. Spiritual effects could be tears and buried emotions suddenly surfacing.

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Personal Development Coaching
Pauline Dougald
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Flow State at work consulation

60 minute strategy session to help you identify where you are in relationship to your Flow State in your career or business and what you need to do next in order to have more Flow in your life.
Flow State is identified through 4 stage cycle, 22 triggers and 10 blockers. What your unique make-up of those componemts will determine how fulfilled and satisfied you are in yuur life or business.

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