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Past Life and Between Lives Demonstration - Core Spirit & Stephen Towill Instagram Live
Apr 17, 2020

Reading time 3 min.

Live Instagram Demonstration

I had the pleasure of demonstration a Past Life and Between Lives hypnosis session with the lovely Olga of Spirit Media live on their Instagram channel. She had kindly volunteered to be the guinea pig and was excited to see what experiences would come up.

With these sessions of Past Life regression and Between lives hypnosis, anything can come up. Throwing into the mix the added dimension of doing the full session live, I was intrigued to see what would happen.

Hypnosis Session

After running through the hypnotic induction and help Olga get to a good state of hypnosis, I then moved to the first stage which was the past life regression. To have success with these sessions, you are looking for a good deep state of somnambulism.

Past Life Regression

Olga suddenly found herself standing in a field. She was able to experience the temperature in the air and could see the sea in the distance. Many past lives usually go on to experience humble lives of a person, describing the trials and tribulations, the relationships and the dramas of the life. Olga’s life took a bit of a strange turn of events however. When I said that anything can happen with these past life regression sessions, this might have been an understatement.

Olga found herself not as a human, but experiencing life as a horse. She could feel the power of the horse and was able to feel its strength and love of running. Later in the session I was able to ask about the life as the horse and if it was an actual past life. It was explained however that Olga didn’t live a life as a horse but was shown the experiences living as a horse to show her lessons she needed to hear.

The lessons I will get too shortly, but the life continues and she found herself in a battle field, which seemed to contain medieval solders in full metal armoury, at war on a battle field. She could experience charging forward with a soldier on her back fearlessly. She then found herself lying injured and bleeding and soon passed.

Between Lives Hypnosis

Ogla then found herself surrounded in light. In fact she remarked that not only was she surrounded in light, but she was light. She talked about having no body and being pure energy. Olga continued to remark about how amazing the experience was, but as I started talking again, Olga started laughing in a very surprised way. She described how she could see the words I was speaking as pure energy. This type of synaesthesia seemed to only add to the incredible experiences she was witnessing.

Spirit Guides

I then asked Olga if she was aware of anything else that could come forward to help bring more understanding around the past life regression experience as a horse. Generally at this stage guides or other beings may come forward to help the person understand and help them gain information or insight into what they need to take, from the past life they have been shown. Ogla became aware of some sort of energy sphere; it seemed that it was glass like at first, but Ogla explained that it seemed to be pure energy; energy like she was. This energy which seemed to be able to communicate consciously explained that the life of a horse wasn’t an actual past life of Olga’s, but given as an experience to realise about strength, fearlessness and playfulness. Olga on several occasions remarked about the total waste of life these wars caused, but seemed to understand the lessons this experience was about.

We are All Energy

While communicating with the being, Olga kept repeating that everything is energy; she was being shown that our life is just a game, we are here to be playful, that fear doesn’t exist, its an emotion tied to the physical reality and simply doesn’t exist in our energetic reality. She also repeated the message that we are love.

We Are All One

On further questioning of the being and what it was to Olga, the message Olga got back was simply that you are me and I am you. Olga was being made aware that we are all one, that there is no separation in spirit. We are all part of the creator.

Final Messages

Before we closed the session, I asked Olga to ask the being if it wanted to bring forward anything more to the session. Olga was shown a sunset. She remarked that it was about a re-birthing, a new phase. Unfortunately we were running short on time as we were only doing a short demo session. We were limited to Instagrams one hour live duration, and didn’t have time to explore this message further.

Higher Conscious Mind

After calling forward Olga’s higher conscious mind and having a brief chat to see if it wanted to offer any more to the session, we then brought Olga back to the conscious awareness and back out of the hypnotic state.

The Wonders of the Higher States of Consciousness

The session did only last around 20-30 minutes, but in the short time we had, Olga was able to experience the wonders of that higher state of being and gain some lessons and messages. Full sessions usually last around 3 hours and would explore in much more depth our spiritual existence to help us find our paths, gain understanding around our being and receive healing from current and past life experiences.

Booking Sessions

For anyone wishing to experience a past life regression of Between Lives hypnosis session themselves, feel free to get in contact with me to arrange an online Skype or Zoom session. I also conduct sessions in person from my offices in Glasgow, Scotland.

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