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What is the purpose of life?
Apr 10, 2020

What is the purpose of life?

One of the greatest questions, which is still out there without a certain answer is: what is the purpose of life.

Blindly Following of Science

For hundreds of years, we have followed science in regards to the origin of life, studying what we can observe, test and prove. Although we weren’t around millions of years ago, we can study what we can find in fossils and historic scraps of evidence. We can study the behaviour of how biology works and how cellular life operates. We can then, with this observational evidence, work out possible theories based on this understanding. Following logical likelihood’s to arrive at conclusions.

Commonly Believed Origin of Life

Through this method, more modern thinking seems to have settled on the theory that we were all created through freak chance. That there has been a Big Bang, the universe and planets formed then some sort of cellular mutation happened that mutated and evolved into the wonders of the human body. The amusing fact about this theory however, is the number of unlikely factors that needed to happen to support life. The odds that life and the human race should exist are extremely low. If I was to try type out the estimated numbers of life and the universe forming by random chance, my blog would become to a novel. It’s an interesting subject however to go investigate, as I have found out.

Quantum Physics

Over the last hundred years, science has made more interesting discoveries. In the early 1900’s, quantum physics was discovered. By studying the building blocks of life at the sub atomic level, our science and ways of thinking were turned on their heads.

We now know that perceived physical matter, when studied at the sub atomic level, beyond the particles within the atoms, lie quarks. A quarks through observation, is purely energetic events.

In fact if you go to this level and look up to our perception of life, life as we know it takes on a totally different picture. The air we breathe, plant life, human life, animal life, the earth, the stars, they are all structured atoms following the same building block system. So in reality, all we are is billions of subatomic little bursts of fast moving energy, creating a giant reality that we as humans, perceive as physical reality. Every single thing that we see and can touch is energy. Energy ingeniously constructed in a way that appears to be physical reality.

Science has dominated modern ways of thinking for some time, with other experiential discoveries being pushed to the side. Experiential events ignored simply because they can’t be understood or tested using scientific methods.

Who Are We Really?

One of the biggest mysteries to life is something that resides within every one of us. Something that science can’t explain, because it doesn’t exist within our current scientific paradigm. That mystery is consciousness.

We know we are conscious, because we are aware, we can create through our thoughts. We know we are something. Deep down we know we are more than our physical bodies, yet science has denied us this, as it simply can’t prove it.

The Occurrence of Ghosts

Other factors of unexplained occurrences out with science, but having some relation to life could be ghosts. What’s that? Crazy people’s imagination maybe? It’s not scientifically provable!

Ancient Ghosts Storie s

For thousands of years, people have been experiencing these phenomena of ghosts. In the bible, Saul, in the first book of Samuel, goes to a medium woman to ask her to conjure up Samuel. Even in Ancient Greece, Pausanius wrote around 150AD, about a haunting at the site of the battle of Marathon.

Even today, mediums can even communicate with them, delivering very precise information about passed loved ones.

UFO’s and Aliens

What about lights in the sky?

Or evidence of military aircraft footage which has recorded strange lights in the sky? Recordings that show the Lights travelling at incredible speeds, before darting off into the distance.

Multiple people recording these weird UFO’s in the sky on camera. People claiming interaction with other beings, alien abductions?

Even ancient writings portraying how humans have received knowledge from ascended beings from the sky! All these writings coming from ancient cultures such as Egyptians, South American’s, and Eastern cultures. It’s all there in archaeological findings and passed down through cultural beliefs. But it’s not proven by scientific (or is it?), so it must be the creation of primitive people with big imaginations.

Every Problem, No Matter How Difficult Has A Solution!

From a very young age, I loved the mystery, the unexplained. I’m a natural problem solver, so the mystery, the unexplained is like a new toy to me. That’s probably why I have gone for the big mystery. It’s probably no accident that I now work with the mind and the consciousness. When I get a problem or an unsolved issue, I am like a dog with a bone.

Working with spiritual hypnosis, I have discovered how we can tap into some very interesting information. By expanding the minds perception using hypnosis, we can start to open up to experiences. Experiences that may hold many of the answers to our questions, including what is the purpose of life?

So What Is The Purpose Of Life

Returning to the whole point of this article, ‘what is the purpose of life? Through the work I do with between lives hypnosis, and through the work of many others using hypnosis, maybe this question can be answered.

Between Lives Hypnosis

By inducing hypnotic trance in people and following certain techniques, all sort of strange experiences start to happen. I call it between lives hypnosis, but others such as Dr Michael Newton refer to it as Life Between Lives work, others work from this perspective using Delores Cannons method of QHHT. Dr Brian Weiss stock with just Past Life Regression, and the spiritual element just a continuation of the past life regression process.

Meet The Masters And The Non Physical

With this state of between lives hypnosis, people meet guides and spirit teachers. They encounter higher ascended beings that people call masters or elders. Some use other varying descriptive terms for these higher ascended conscious beings. These beings seem to already have expanded their consciousness levels. Expanded their levels beyond the level of the souls that choose to come to earth to learn and grow.

People encounter other beings that they may be associated with, but have left these groups to come to earth to help. These seems to be related to the aliens that are appearing and supposedly here helping and observing as explained by people in hypnosis.

Others sometimes just meet past relatives, who come to them in the spiritual state. Generally though it seems to fit what the client needs.

The Purpose Of The Life

The purpose of life though, from what many people reveal through these sessions, is that life as we know it on earth, in this perceived physical dimension, is all about learning. Everyone on this earth in some way is learning and growing through experiences.

The Big Game

The way it’s explained by many under hypnosis, is that our experience here is like a big game. We are eternal conscious souls that can’t die. We are conscious fragments of experiential energy, that all connect to the greater consciousness we call source, or God, or the light. But as these singular souls, we are growing and expanding.

It’s the game or the earth construct of billions of little energetic events that form the platform for us to learn. Like a huge computer game, where we are all interacting, loving, killing, dying, suffering, enjoying, exploring, procrastinating, hurting, saving, sharing, helping and so on. A place where we make mistakes, we learn and then we come back to overcome our previous failings.

The Mistakes And The Failings

We may have interfered with others learning’s, and so must come back and overcome the failings we previously played out. This ties in with past life regression, where people recall the events of a prior life. From the understanding of what people explain under hypnosis, following a past life regression, we have lived hundreds, even thousands of times previously. But through each life, we have the opportunity to grow, to expand our conscious understand and ascend.

It is said that from the spiritual side, it is pure love. We are all part of the source energy and we are all one. Where we do make mistakes, we are always forgiven and allowed to try again. This allows us to try again, so we can overcome our weakness and expand and grow.

The Past Life Regression

Following past life regressions we can experience the life review. We can experience what our life purpose was for that past life; see where we succeeded and what we need to work on in another life.

What Is The Purpose Of Life: The Physical Dimension

From the perspective of the physical dimension, life is about learning, growing and improving to allow us to expand our conscious being. Life on earth is an opportunity, a gift where we have the free will to learn the lessons that can help us ascend.

What Is The Purpose Of Life: The Spiritual Dimension

From the perspective of life from our spiritual reality, it is what we are. We are eternal conscious beings or pure energy of love and all part of the light or the greater consciousness. Spiritual life is our awareness our potential to create, to expand and to grow without limitation.

The Beauty Of Life

Life is your opportunity to be all you can be. To do your best, to help others who are all on the same path. To grow together for our improvement and for our expansion. To learn, expand and to create, to ascent without limitations.

About Me

I am a spiritual hypnotherapist that works with past life regression and between lives hypnosis. I work from my office in Glasgow, offering face to face session. For those outside Glasgow or for those are unable to travel to Glasgow, I offer online sessions.

I have worked with many people all over the world including Australia, Europe, America and the UK. I use Skype or Zoom which works really well as long as both parties has strong and reliable Wi-Fi signals.

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