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The new Earth and Coronavirus

Apr 10, 2020
Stephen Towill
Core Spirit member since Oct 3, 2019
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The new Earth and Coronavirus

We are currently going through major events that will eventually be documented in history books. The whole world is currently turning to isolation and self protection in an attempt to avoid the Coronavirus.

I have seen many claims around the virus including 5G, mandatory vaccinations, intentional population culls including reduction in the elderly population. There are stories of agendas by the world bank around losses in pandemic bonds. Even intentional crashing of economies to cover up a flailing capitalist societies and currencies.

There may be some truth in some of this, maybe there isn’t. Maybe we will never find out, maybe we will. The purpose however of this blog isn’t to fuel the fire of fear and conspiracy that is already sweeping the globe, in fact it’s quite the opposite.

I had the pleasure of working with 3 amazing women last week. 3 separate clients that came to me for my 3 hour Between Lives sessions. One client was online in Australia and the other 2 came to see me face to face in Glasgow.

Although the sessions were more about their lives and spiritual growth, each client brought forward information from spiritual sources around the current events.

The information was being given by elders, with one of the woman’s group calling themselves The Keepers of Light.

The remarkable thing was that each of the women pretty much brought forward the same information and it is this information I want to share. Pretty much everything below is transcribes from the clients experiences.

The general theme through the 3 sessions were that current events are all part of an energetic shift, a change of frequencies which are contributing towards the rising of the earths energy.

It was relayed that through catastrophe, the gate way to change opens up. If everything was to remain calm, then nothing would change. It was stated that the Earth has to change although full ascension will take time. The earths energy is out of balance and must change. Things need to collapse so we can have renewal.

The keepers of light group said that this is only the beginning of the process, of culling excess greed and consumerism.

One of the groups who contained 5 beings and who referred to themselves as overseers and higher guides said the process will also help heal the world. The pandemic is only part of the process. It will help clear waters and the air, with people eventually having to return to nature. They advised that people need to stop being so busy and step back, enjoy their families and have fun again, and that the virus will pass.

The groups all stated that there are many of them and they are there to support.

It was advised that we must support each other. People will become disconnected and forget what they came here to do. They will become depressed, disillusioned but we must help these people to get reconnected. We must support each other for the process to work. Failing in this, is the only way the process can fail.

We must remember who we are and help others remember who they are.

It was also stated that there are also many others on the Earth working towards bringing energies back into balance.

It was said that some humans will be unable to carry the new frequency, and will be lost through the full process. However some have contracted into this and souls will continue to follow their own path.

The one warning given by the keepers of light, was that we must watch the fear. We must try to stop the spread of the fear energy.

Through fear people become dis-empowered and will allow themselves to be controlled. This is where we must work together and help each other through the shift.

The advice does seem to focus on the purpose, rather than the drama which we are experiencing. Times are terrible for many, but it’s at these times people usually pull together. This may only be the start as was stated above, but we must unite together and work towards a better place to live.

The agendas mentioned at the start where never brought up in any of the session, but should there be truth in them, then we must focus on our power, our unity and our strengths to creatively move forward and help this shift happen as forecast by the overseers in the sessions.

Stephen Towill
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