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The Mind Body Connection

Apr 11, 2020

We Are All Energy

We often talk about the mind body connection and how it is important to our health and well-being.

What if this link goes much deeper though?

A common assumption we often make is that our bodies are physically created objects. An object we eventually discard, with our mind or soul returning to the spirit world. This is a common perception we get from many religions and beliefs.

Quantum Level

When we look down to the atomic level, and even deeper into the particle makeup within the atom, there is no physical matter, only events. The atom’s nucleus is made up of protons and neutrons, with them being made up of quarks. Quarks being nothing more than fast moving points of energy.

So really everything we believe to be physical, including our bodies, when broken right down, is nothing more than billions of specifically arranged points of energy.

Between Lives & Spiritual Experience

As souls (or a fragment of the source consciousness), from the understanding given through between life experiences using hypnosis, people relay that they are conscious energetic beings. Conscious energy that is expanding and growing through its experience.

Knowing that our atomic building blocks of our physical world are also only energetic events, what if our bodies are merely energetic projections of our conscious being?

Again from between lives information, we are told that our physical reality is a platform for learning. Like a computer game, or a constructed dimension to allow us to experience, learn and grow.

Energetic Body Mind and World

With the idea that our bodies are projections of our energetic soul energy, conscious energy that is obeying the rules of the atomic game, maybe our soul isn’t separate from the body.

Maybe our body energy that is within every atom and within these tiny quark (points of energy), IS our soul energy. Soul energy that is interfacing and communicating with the source energies atomically modelled platform. To the human eye, this source energies platform creates a perception of physical reality. This in turn results in life being a blending of the source energy’s platform with our soul energy. A platform created for us to learn and experience for our growth.

This atomic structure or platform is nothing more than perceived matter, but in reality at the quantum level it is pure energy, energy of source, or God if you prefer that idea.

This perceived matter from the ground we walk on, to the air we breathe, to the stars we see in the sky, are trillions upon trillions upon trillions of tiny points of energy shaping our perceived reality.

The Mind Body Connection – The Body is a Temple

We sometimes neglect our bodies and mistreat them. There is even the perception that we take a physical body (a bit like buying a car), to live out our physical experience on earth, before discarding it when we die. We think of our body as something separate. But by neglecting our bodies, we are only neglecting our conscious energy that is our soul.

This is why the mind body connection is so important. Maybe this is why having a healthy body, helps create a healthy mind. An unhealthy body would be inharmonious with our soul consciousness, a healthy body being harmonious.

We Truly Are All One

There is no separation, between physical and spiritual, it is all one. We are energetic expressions projecting onto a physically perceived holographic universe. Here to interact with each other and our perceived environments to help us learn, expand and ascend in our conscious growth.

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