13 Mind-Body Techniques To Ease Pain and Depression Naturally

Pains that we experience are caused by mental processes that can be affected by thoughts and emotions. Scientists still don't now everything about the connection between processes in the mind and the body but what we are certain is that the brain, attitudes and emotions influence the way physical pain is experienced.For example, meditation is good for pain relief as it lowers brain activity in your primary somatosensory cortex, which creates the sense of a location and intensity of a painful

Where Science and Spirituality Meet: Physics, Mind, and the Unknown

During my internet travels, I came across a place where science and spirituality are studied hand in hand. The wonderful thing is that one doesn’t make sense without the other.That place is a called Quantum Physics. Lynne McTaggart author and investigative journalist writes about this subject in her book [amazon asin=006143518X&text=The Field], that references many scientific studies showing how your mind and what you think has an influence over your body and your environment. This book
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Metamorphic Technique MassageIn this week's A-Z we have left the earthy world of physiological based massage behind. No snippets of research about cortisol or reduced anxiety today; we're not in Kansas anymore. Instead we enter the wonderful world of transformational healing. You might decide to book a metamorphic session if you wanted to:Change the patterns in your relationshipsRespond to stress differentlyMove on in your lifeRelease old habits and beliefs about the world that no longer serve
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