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Emotional Stress Release Points

Emotional Stress Release

One of the most interesting aspects of Energy Kinesiology is the Emotional Stress Release(ESR) technique. On our forheads, on the prominences above the eyes (Glabela) are two points which can have a prof...

21 Step Third Eye Meditation Technique

The third eye is a spiritual concept that refers to a person being able to achieve perception beyond ordinary sight.

Also known as the ‘inner eye', it is the gateway to inner realms and states of higher consciousness, beyond the...

Where Science and Spirituality Meet: Physics, Mind, and the Unknown

During my internet travels, I came across a place where science and spirituality are studied hand in hand. The wonderful thing is that one doesn’t make sense without the other.

That place is a called

Trataka : The Meditation Technique of Third Eye

Your third eye is hungry for awareness !…….

T he meditation technique which you are going to read is ‘Trataka’ (also known as third eye meditation). In the belief system of ‘Tantra’ and ‘Hatha Yoga’ there is a concept of Kundali...

10 Types Of Pain Caused by Emotions

Did you know that every single thought and feeling that you have in your mind manifests itself physically in your body in some way, shape or form?

This is why the body releases various different chemicals based on our mood or ho...

How to Tap away Stress with this Ancient Acupressure Technique

Have you got an upcoming event marked in your calendar with a red circle of fear? Anxiety makes appearances in everybody’s lives at some point, but this feeling of worry or anxiety should subside once the event has passed. For some...

The Tipping Point for Tapping: EFT Goes Mainstream

Even though the world didn’t end on Dec. 21, 2012, perhaps a real energetic change in our worldview did occur on that auspicious date. One anomaly that shows evidence of such a transformation was a workshop I co-facilitated in April f...

How to Rewire your Brain with EFT

Your goals, dreams and aspirations: if you're not achieving them, then at some level they are connected to a fight or flight response." Hear the fascinating theory behind how tapping works from Nick Ortner, who breaks it down for the ...

Getting Rid of Trapped Emotions: Everything You Need to Know About the Heart Wall

The concept of the Heart-Wall seems simple enough - a protective wall of energy made of trapped emotions. But what if there was more that you weren't aware of?

Join me, Dr. Bradley Nelson for an interesting and informative 75 m...

The Tapping Solution (EFT): How To Get Started

What I’m going to share with you on this page, and this entire site, is likely to drastically improve the quality of your life. You see, when I first learned about EFT, a type of

13 Mind-Body Techniques To Ease Pain and Depression Naturally

Pains that we experience are caused by mental processes that can be affected by thoughts and emotions. Scientists still don't now everything about the connection between processes in the mind and the body but what we are certain is th...

Metamorphic Technique

Metamorphic Technique enables the individual to free deep blocks in their body’s energy pattern and bring about resolution of stuck patterns at the root of problems in their life and health.

The Metamorphic Technique focuses on ...

Mind and Body Health with NLP and EFT

NLP & EFT – Background

I would like to introduce you to two highly effective techniques designed to work with the unconscious mind – NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming) and EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique).

NLP ...


Metamorphic Technique Massage

In this week's A-Z we have left the earthy world of physiological based massage behind. No snippets of research about cortisol or reduced anxiety today; we're not in Kansas anymore. Instead we enter...

The 5th Yama - Aparigraha: 5 Ways It can Ignite Lasting Non-attachment, Freedom and Unconditional Love In You

What is aparigraha?

Aparigraha is freedom from greed, possessiveness, or covetousness. To define and understand the underlying meaning of aparigraha, let’s look at its three parts: the first is “graha”, which means to reach fo...

Scientists Discover that Humans Draw Energy From Each Other the Same Way Plants Do

Recently, scientists discovered that plants could absorb energy from other plants in a groundbreaking study. Due to this, the entire scientific world could be turned upside down, because of the fact that it would provide evidence that...

3 Fostering New Perspectives & Ways of Thinking – Hosting Transformation

Wellbeing Meditation Technique This technique has the power to completely and totally relax your mind and body while energising it, leaving you in a state where you are able to do anything and everything. Sahaja Yoga or “spontaneous u...

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