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Oct 6, 2023

Establishing a life routine can feel daunting, but incorporating tiny changes progressively makes it achievable and sustainable. Below are eleven steps derived by entrepreneur to guide you through building a rewarding and disciplined routine.

  1. Start Slowly Avoid making drastic changes overnight. Implement small adjustments to your schedule, allowing your mind and body to adapt. For instance, wake up ten minutes earlier than usual until you comfortably reach your desired waking time over several months.

  2. Measure Progress The joy lies not in achieving the goal but in the journey towards it. Establish routines like reading, where you start by reading a page per day and gradually increase the amount, documenting your progress visually for motivation.

  3. The 2-Minute Rule Initiating a new routine is challenging. Begin by dedicating just two minutes to a new habit daily. This approach eases you into the routine without overwhelming your schedule or willpower.

  4. Temptation Bundling Combine enjoyable activities with new habits to make the routine-building process delightful. For example, if you enjoy YouTube and aim to study regularly, watch educational content on the platform to merge entertainment .

  5. Habit Stacking Link new habits with established ones. This connection creates a seamless integration of new routines, as they become natural extensions of your already ingrained behaviors.

  6. Win the Week Instead of aiming to perfect every day, focus on having a balanced and productive week. Distribute different activities throughout the week, relieving daily pressure while ensuring varied and comprehensive personal development.

  7. Reward Yourself Celebrate small wins by indulging in enjoyable activities or treats. This positive reinforcement encourages adherence to your new routine while making the experience pleasurable.

  8. Build in Public Announce your new habits publicly. This declaration holds you accountable, providing an external motivation source to stay committed to your routine.

  9. Pre-Commitment Invest in your new habits financially or emotionally. This investment creates a sense of responsibility, pushing you to follow through with your commitment.

  10. Visualise the Outcome Imagine the consequences of not establishing a routine and the transformative impact once you do. Visualisation provides clarity and motivation, acting as a driving force behind your routine-building efforts.

  11. Stay Flexible Routines should enhance, not restrict, your life. Remain adaptable, understanding that it's acceptable to deviate from your routine occasionally. The key is to return and stick to it over time.

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