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Did You Schedule Checkup For Your Happiness Yet?

Jul 19, 2023

I sent most of my clothes to dry cleaning because they needed special care.
I sent my leather items to specialist once a year to keep them shine and lasting.
I took my car to check up twice a year.
I called house deep cleansing specialist twice a year (I didn’t even own those places).
I updated my electronic devices when prompted.
I had regular check up scheduled with my dentist and the health centers.

A tiny loose thread on any piece of my clothes would not pass my scrutiny.
A slight change of sound from the accelerator would urge me to take my car to the garage.
A spotless and tidy living environment would be the minimum requirement I expected myself to provide.
A speedy calculation on an excel sheet was my livelihood.
A body assembled by decently healthy body parts would give me a peace of mind.

Most of us are very faithfully diligent getting our external parts (however far the extension goes) checked, updated, repaired and even renewed.

When was the last time you get your happiness, fulfillment, confidence, creativity, curiosity, hope and/or love checked?
When was the last time you get your tendencies and habits of self-sabotaging, self-negation, self-doubt and self-denial repaired?
When was the last time you get your state of peace, calm, awe, courage, sensitivity and/or freedom updated?

Isn’t it curious?
We put so much time, energy and resources to our extensions which are not really ourselves but we so easily overlook our being?
Unconsciously, we believe that the extensions are what bring us into being and solidify our being when it’s actually the other way round.
Wouldn’t we create and attract more of whatever we desire in the external world if we horn in our being first?

I do believe we are here in life to savour and enjoy what it has to offer.
Would you enjoy a 3-star Michelin dinner more when you are delighted in the mood or sour in the heart?
When in the modern life we get more and more external extensions, isn’t it even more paramount to take care who we are first?

Really, put YOURSELF on the schedule and rest will follow.
Be love and be loved. (Don't forget to do a regular checkup for this too!)

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Afsheen Shah10mo ago

I love this reminder. Your mental health is just as important as your physical health.