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To my children with love

May 17, 2023
Bantu Chk
Core Spirit member since Aug 12, 2021
Reading time 5 min.

You have been bestowed with an extraordinary opportunity – an invitation to script a remarkable chapter within the sacred pages of God's Holy Book. Imagine a chapter brimming with tales that resoundingly affirm the boundless power and might of the Divine. By living as a testament to His glory, you shall etch your name into the annals of eternity. Immortality awaits, for it is in the very essence of your existence.

Listen intently, devoid of the expectation to assert your own voice. Walk with the assured stride of one who knows their place in this grand tapestry of life. Speak with conviction, fully grasping the weight of your words and the profound impact they can wield. Today, seize the opportunity as though entrusted with the revelations of tomorrow. Disregard the distractions that lie beyond your sphere, for the only temporal realm that matters is the present moment. Be attuned, and you shall discern the divine whispers that permeate the fabric of existence.

Just as nature fills every crevice, pulsating with life, so too does your very being embody the essence of creation. You are the conduit through which God's Word takes form. In the genesis of your journey, mysteries unfold, invisible to those who lack the vision to perceive. Life flits by like a fleeting shadow, ever evading the light. Yet, your existence, a cherished blessing, is never meant to be hoarded selfishly. Give abundantly, for in the act of giving, you unlock the hidden chambers of your soul.

Behold the stars that adorn the heavens – they were never meant to simply shine. Our eyes may marvel at their beauty, but it is the mind that peers beyond the surface, envisioning the boundless possibilities. Ignite the flame within that perpetually thirsts for spiritual fulfillment. Seek wisdom fervently, for it is the knowledge that has been forgotten, beckoning you to delve deeper into its unfathomable depths. Engage in relentless contemplation, expanding the horizons of your consciousness.

Never withhold or diminish your essence out of fear for tomorrow. Such actions offend the very Provider who graces you with abundance. Seize the moments that unravel before you, for they hold the potential to alter the trajectory of your journey. Discover your cardinal direction, and in doing so, brush against the resplendent rays of the Sun. Until the salted waters of the sea ferment into honey, never relinquish your pursuit. Remember, your existence serves a purpose far greater than your ambitions.

Let truth prevail, for truth is the premier casualty in times of conflict. My children, remember that your identity rests upon what you choose to be recognized for. Never forget that a life well-lived hinges upon the virtuous utilization of the gifts bestowed upon you. As long as your mind remains steadfast in its belief, your body shall invariably manifest the desires that reside within.

Heroes are birthed from the depths of the soul. Unearth the hero that resides within you, and watch as the world awakens to your resplendent presence. Even in the midst of darkness, the light finds its voice. Amidst your struggles, shift your focus to the abundant goodness that envelops you, and you shall witness its pervasive influence. By illuminating the path of others, your own radiance shall forever endure.

Desperation is a somber state, leading the wandering soul astray from its true purpose. I implore you, my children, to absorb these sacred secrets. They are secrets not for their elusiveness, but for the profound comprehension they demand. Amidst the treasure troves of life, honor and cherish these profound truths, for they guide you towards the ultimate fulfillment of your being.

The essence of this writing is to convey a message of empowerment, faith, and self-discovery. It emphasizes the significance of individual actions and the potential to make a lasting impact. Here are the key meanings conveyed:

  1. You have the opportunity to contribute to God's divine plan: You are encouraged to create a new chapter in God's holy book by living a life that showcases His power and might. Through your actions and testimonies, you can affirm His glory and secure eternal life.

  2. Embrace the present moment: The significance of the present moment is emphasized, urging you to live in the now and take yourself seriously. You are reminded that your value extends to the future, as it cannot exist without your active participation in the present.

  3. Understand the power of your words and actions: You are urged to listen attentively and speak with understanding, recognizing the weight of your words. By walking confidently and recognizing your belonging, you can make a meaningful impact and contribute to the world around you.

  4. Cherish the blessings and give generously: The beauty of nature and life is highlighted, emphasizing the interconnectedness of all beings. Your existence is seen as a blessing, and you are encouraged to give generously without worrying about tomorrow.

  5. Seek wisdom and embrace lessons: Wisdom is considered a valuable form of knowledge that comes from experience and growth. You are encouraged to think deeply and learn from the lessons that surround you, striving for continuous self-improvement.

  6. Embody your purpose and be true to yourself: The importance of authenticity and self-recognition is emphasized. You are encouraged to be recognized for who you truly are and to use your unique gifts and resources to make the most of your life.

  7. Find the hero within and inspire others: Heroes are said to be born from within, and you are encouraged to discover the hero within yourself. By focusing on the positive aspects of life and sharing your light with others, you can inspire and positively impact those around you.

  8. Embrace hope, persevere, and give: In times of darkness and struggle, the light within you becomes more evident. You are encouraged to see the good around you and allow your shine to bring light to others. By giving to others, you will always have something to offer.

  9. Avoid desperation and honor the wisdom shared: Desperation is seen as a state that detracts from your purpose. The secrets shared in the writing are considered valuable and may take time to fully comprehend. Honoring and cherishing these words is encouraged, as they hold significance amidst life's treasures.

Overall, the writing imparts a sense of purpose, gratitude, and the importance of living authentically while positively impacting others. It encourages self-reflection, generosity, and the recognition of the divinity within oneself and the world.

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