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Mandala Meditation
Wellness with Baig
How is works Our mind!

Our mind is a screen. On which the film of life continues. This screen has two levels. One level is that on which the film of the material senses plays. Whatever wishes and demands come in the form of thoughts, they are reflected on the outer level of con…

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Third Eye Meditation
Kehinde Margret Makinde
Divine Encounter and Meditative Reflections

I sought out the realms to please the Creator, with no single thought of what to do. A foot after the other, my heart was sure I had hurt the Creator with my recent urge to watch sensual dirt to which I resulted. Till my conscience judged me. Then, I was …

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Mindfulness meditation
Ayomide Daramola
Finding Inner Calm and Self-Confidence Amid Life’s Ups and Downs

In the tumultuous journey of life, it is not uncommon for the world around us to crumble and shake. Unforeseen challenges, setbacks, and unforeseeable circumstances often test the limits of our strength and resilience. In these moments of chaos and uncert…

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Mindfulness meditation
The Two Wolves

The Two Wolves

The story of the two wolves is a Native American parable that teaches us about the duality of human nature. The two wolves represent the good and evil that exist within each of us. The good wolf is associated with positive qualities such a…

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Mindfulness meditation
Discover your inner peace with the power of meditation.

If we see the literal meaning of inner peace, it means peace within us. I have witnessed a lot of people asking for assistance with finding inner peace. They complain about the chaos they had to go through every day which hinders their path to inner peace…

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Breathing Meditation (Pranayama)
Finding Inner Peace Through Breathing Meditation**

If you’re navigating through the storm of trauma and seeking a way to anchor yourself, I’ve got just the thing for you.

The Magic of Breath

I know firsthand how trauma can make you feel like you’re caught in a whirlwind. But here’s the thing: you have t…

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Guided Meditation
Francesca Pisanu

Il letto è comodo. La stanza è fresca. Cuscino ortopedico, presente. Smartphone e tablet spenti in tempo utile. Luci calde e soffuse per conciliare il calare della palpebra, ci sono. Hai sonno, tanto. Tiri su lenzuolo e copriletto. Chiudi gli occhi.


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Shams Ul Qammar
A Journey of Perspective, Empathy, and Self-Discovery

Expressing emotions and feelings, especially the complex emotions associated with love, can be challenging. I may not fully capture the depth and purity of their love due to my limitations in observing human emotions. Nevertheless, I have endeavored to co…

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Mindfulness meditation
Vedic Sadhana
Why am I not happy?

Attitude of Happiness

You are all happy in the morning, holding a freshly brewed cup of coffee and checking the phone for unanswered messages and maybe some social network updates of undesirable and not-so-friendly people in another hand.

Morning is goi…

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Breathing Meditation (Pranayama)
Chester Beard
Brahmari Breathing

An ancient yogic breathing technique that can calm your nerves, help with anxiety. And also it will strengthen your throat. Brahmari in Sanskrit means ‘bee’. So as you may have guessed during this practice you will imitate the sound a bee hum or buzzing s…

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Guided Meditation
Katharine Chestnut
What is Guided Meditation: Benefits and Types Explored

For the bulk of my adult life, I thought that in order to meditate you had to be alone, in a quiet room and your mind had to be empty (there are plenty of other myths you can read about here). Then I discovered the free Insight Timer meditation app and gu…

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Mindfulness meditation
Fred Ojei
Spiritual Crisis: Navigating the Dark Night of the Soul

Spirituality is an essential aspect of human existence, and for many people, it provides a sense of purpose and meaning. However, spiritual journeys are not always easy, and at times, individuals can experience what is known as a spiritual crisis, commonl…

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Mindfulness meditation
Max Wright
Meditation Is Easier Than You Think — Follow these 5 tips and start today!

A militant monk, cloaked in an orange robe, purched crossed legged on a mountain, may cross your mind when first hearing about the idea of meditation.

But this is a method that anyone can practise. Just like yourself I was unsure how to begin and what ex…

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Mindfulness meditation
Grzegorz (Greg) Franz Figurski
The Cycle of Stress - How to Get Out It. A step-by-step guide.

**Overwhelmingly stressed **
Do you find yourself in a neverending cycle of stress? Let me guess, your job and daily tasks are overwhelming, and you want to feel more relaxed on daily basis. In this article, I’ll explain what you can do to relieve yoursel…

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Breathing Meditation (Pranayama)
You don't need food or sleep

You are a creature of vibration. Your are pure energy. What is that energy? Pure Prana. Pure life force. You decide to live in any way you desire. You feel the Prana recognising in your every cell resonating trough your whole being. You are

And so, knowi…

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Mindfulness meditation
Manoj Rawat ( Manu Yogi ) Manu Yoga Travel
How to get to yoga ?

Namaste everyone I hope you are doing all just fine and sharing the best of your knowledge and light coming through your self-journey towards yoga and meditation or any kind of other spiritual practices you follow the path.
Disclaimer: Anything written be…

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Dynamic meditation
Calaen Owen Burton
Free Flowing Hurt

I very rarely share my adversity, but here I am. “Be still and know I am God” is what is ringing through my being as I type this out. I can know that it’s perfectly ok to share my struggle. I’ve restrained myself for so long from sharing my feelings/burde…

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Breathing Meditation (Pranayama)
Dini Narayana Martinez
Your breath matters

The room was full of people, sitting, lying and a few moving around on their mats. Some were wailing, some crying, others laughing and yet others in a state of deep trans with their eyes rolled slightly inwards. The shaman cruised slowly through the room …

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Mindfulness meditation
Kelly Dennis
Just What is Mindfulness Anyway?

Mindfulness is certainly a buzz word right now, but it’s been around a long time. Mindfulness is paying attention in the present moment on purpose, without judgement. Mindfulness helps us to get unhooked from ruminating about the past or worrying or over …

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Mindfulness meditation
Chloe Mepham
The Differences Between Deep Breathing, Mindfulness, and Meditation

Does anxiety interfere with your ability to perform? Do you suffer from stress? How does this affect your performance, both professionally and personally?

Although there are many crossovers in the implementation and benefits of mindfulness, meditation, a…

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Mindfulness meditation
Nick Williams
Only The Intangible Is Real

There are only two modes of being that are possible for us — the tangible and the intangible — and of these two only the intangible is real. This is odd of course because we always understand things exactly the other way around — we’re totally convinced t…

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Guided Meditation
A Simple Ritual to Sleep 8 Hours Straight (or More)

Having trouble sleeping almost every night can be a frustrating experience. You may find yourself moving around in bed a lot but can’t fall asleep. Or even if you sleep a brief while, a little noise can quickly wake you up. As a result, you have low-quali…

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Cynthia A. Morgan
One - Poetry of Love & Spirituality

One Fire in the Soul with Love’s Endless Flame,
One Celestial Presence Burning in Temporal Time,
Ever Rising, Never Setting, Ever Spinning,
Calamitous Treason, Incorporeal Rhyme.
One Soul that is Yearning for One Soul,
One Heart that is Aching for One Hea…

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Mindfulness meditation
Cynthia A. Morgan
The Void

Prisoner in the mind,
With fears and doubts rampantly raging,
Screams echoing in the tumbling darkness
As I grope and claw for Light,
For breath,
For the hope I once held in my hands.
Captive to a thousand harbingers of uncertainty,
Shaking and trembling …

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