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Divine Encounter and Meditative Reflections
Nov 2, 2023

I sought out the realms to please the Creator, with no single thought of what to do. A foot after the other, my heart was sure I had hurt the Creator with my recent urge to watch sensual dirt to which I resulted. Till my conscience judged me. Then, I was done with the temptation willing to wheel me spirally.

The next day, I tried to speak to my Creator with guidance from one spark of spiritual flame telling me that the Creator was hearing me and eager to listen to what I had to say. I went through the four passages from my devotional, and I also said a few prayers from the Pieta.

My intention was not to meditate in the morning, but the meditation started from nowhere, and I saw myself putting one foot after the other, bearing the meaning of my name “Lucia”. I kept holding lights and giving them to a soul each of who collected a light and held onto it.

At first, I started holding the lights in one part of my hand and giving it to them. All souls faced the road with their bosoms, their queues made a path for Someone who was to come, Although The path was made through for me, I felt that there was Someone more than me that needed to pass through, and suddenly, I do not know how it happened, but my right hand was handling the basket wheeled along the way and handing over a light to each soul with both hands.

While they collected them, suddenly, the dark path had a luxurious form of luminosity that made the Creator come through with the angels leading the way in the front and at the back.

From this, I learned that the prayers we should pray before and after we consume nutrients should be beyond the cultural grace before and after meals.

The food we eat contains sand brought into the finest form from which it grew into what we are eating— processed or unprocessed; water, used to process the food and naturally found within fruits; then the soul of the food rich in air or wind, and the celestial or mystical divinity of the fruit giving us life— the soul and passion or pleasure of what we eat.

We need to pray for grace, presence, and essence of what we eat, so that they sail or soar back to their source, with remembrance of their kindness to us and ours to them, to embrace more of their presence and power given to them by the Creator to us.

We need to pray for the air, water, and celestial divinity that coursed their seeds through their forefathers to grow, preserve them through the season of growth and harvest, the moment we eat them, and their continued purposes within us while our cells, chemistry, and crust take part in what our the digestive system has engaged in.

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