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Brahmari Breathing
Jul 15, 2022

Reading time 2 min.

An ancient yogic breathing technique that can calm your nerves, help with anxiety. And also it will strengthen your throat. Brahmari in Sanskrit means ‘bee’. So as you may have guessed during this practice you will imitate the sound a bee hum or buzzing sound. Brahmari is also said to activate your vagus nerve and parasympathetic system.


Releases cerebral tension
Stimulates the pineal and pituitary glands, supporting their proper functioning
Relieves stress and anxiety
Dissipates anger
Lowers blood pressure
Bolsters the health of the throat
Strengthens and improves the voice
Supports the healing of bodily tissues
Induces sound sleep
Clears Throat Chakra

How To

Sit in a comfortable position and relax yourself by breathing out a few times . This is to set your intention on this practice and clear away some of the days events. This helps you focus best on the practice.

Then to start take your thumbs and press on the targus. The targus a small cartilaginous protrusion of the outer ear near the ear canal. It is important to not press or place your fingers or thumbs into the ear canal. Take your index fingers and place them either over your eyes or above the eyebrow. Inhale through your nose — keep your mouth closed for this practice. Exhale through the nose while making a humming or buzzing sound of a male bee.

Do this for 5–6 rounds in total while also focusing on the area between your eyebrows.

I found while doing this that I am able to concentrate on the sound of my breath. While covering my ears with my thumbs it is as if I am closed off from what surrounds me. Sure if a large noise appeared I would hear that, but for the most part quieter sounds are not present. This means I am able to concentrate on the practice. This is a good thing.

Also as someone who sings and with no formal training in that matter it is also good as a voice exercise. I have found keeping my throat chakra healthy and open my singing voice is more clear and is also stronger. Here is a recent study that supports this: https://www.hindawi.com/journals/ecam/2018/4176803/#conclusion

And I do find a certain sense of peace when I am finished with my five or so rounds of breathing.

It will look different for your friends and housemates or some family members but the benefits should foremost.


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