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Ethics of Technology
Artificial Intelligence & Shamanism

There is an honest question to be asked whether shamanism, as it is presented to us in the West as ideology or world view, actually exists today. What does exist are a number of shamanic practices that differ from place to culture, from culture to cult…

Magical Manifestation Portal - New Moon 12-13 January 2021

A magical manifestation portal opens for 2021 with the first new moon of the year between the 12th&13th January (depending on your time zone). Landing in earthy Capricorn, symbolised by the sea goat, this moon calls for an extraordinary intention f…

Lifestyle and Behaviour
Are Shamans The New Therapists?

The two shamans on my Skype screen aren’t exactly fighting for my attention, but they are as close to fighting as such spiritual practitioners are likely to get. John Germain Leto has just led me through a chakra meditation meant to align my energetic …

Energy Healing
Why Is Shamanism Becoming So Popular?

Why is shamanism in all its varieties becoming increasingly popular? Why is this happening now?

In a nutshell we can say that as human beings we have an innate drive to develop into ‘all that we can become’, and that we have reached a point where…

A Shaman's Dreams and Nightmares

An unplanned vacation during his early years in Zurich may have been the stimulus behind Henderson’s extensive work on initiation rites and their equivalent value in modern psychology.

“While in Zurich, Joe was called home to Elko, Nevada, by an …

Here Are 9 Causes of Soul Loss and How to Retrieve Yours

Beneath most headaches is a heartache.

It’s a natural protective mechanism of ours to think our way around wounds instead of feeling our way through them. In this day and age, we just want an escape.

What can we do to stop feeling the pain …

Shamanism: A practice of early Turkic beliefs

History books cite that Turkic people used to practice shamanism. A shaman is a person with the ability to contact supernatural forces. Reminiscent of modern-day psychics, shamans would lose themselves in the state of trance through their own methods s…

Mind & Body Intervention
An Introduction to 21st Century Shamanism

Every person on this planet can develop a great relationship with their own Spirit. In fact, one can find the connection with their inner healer and heal oneself spiritually and emotionally. It is not an easy thing to do but the road to this discovery …

Shamanic Healing
All About Shamanism

What is shamanism?

"Because it is not an organized religion as such, but rather a spiritual practice, shamanism cuts across all faiths and creeds, reaching deep levels of ancestral memory. As a primal belief system, which precedes establis…

Native American Mythology
Medicine Songs of the Spirit: An Ancient Healing Tradition

Only six people in the world know how to do what Sergio Pacheco is about to do.

A middle-aged man who rarely smiles, Pacheco stands in the middle of a crowd on the National Mall, wearing a feathered headdress, beaded necklace and wrinkled dress t…

Shamanic Healing
How to Overcome Fear? This Ancient Shamanic Technique is Now ...

The shamanic path is an ancient way of exploring the landscape of consciousness from the soul level. Shamans walk between the worlds of normal reality to altered states where they communicate with the spiritual plane to bring back messages of healing. …

Book Review: Shamanic Trance in Modern Kabbalah

This is a book that can be recommended not only to researchers working in the field of Jewish mysticism, but also to colleagues working in the field of religious studies in general. Through its very provocative title--and then through well-argued but d…

Herbal Medicine (Herbalism)
How to Become An Ayahuasca Shaman

Let me guess…You drank ayahuasca, had a life-changing experience, and now you want to be an ayahuasca shaman… so that you too can wake people up. You develop a plan to bring back medicine from the jungle and / or bring people down to Peru. You tell eve…

Energy Healing
Book Review: Cactus of Mystery

Originally published in 2013 ‘Cactus of Mystery: The Shamanic Power of the Peruvian San Pedro Cactus’ is written by Ross Heaven, with additional contributions from David Luke, Eve Bruce, Morgan Maher and others. Heaven is a psychologist, healer and wor…

Thousands-Years-Old Shaman Sanctuary Discovered in Europe

One of the key figures of the ancient world was the shaman. According to ancient accounts, these magic practitioners helped shape the first human societies. As wise as they were feared, the shaman mystics were a high-rank figure in the human society, c…

Carpathian Shamans – Ukraine Molfar & Polish Whisperer’s Magi...

The Boyko (Бойко) is a Ukrainian and Polish ethnographic group located in the Carpathian Mountains of Ukraine and Poland.

The Boykos inhabit the central and the western half of the Carpathians in Ukraine across such regions as the southern Lviv…

Lifestyle and Behaviour
10 Signs You’re a Shaman & Don’t Know It

As I feel indebted to the shamans who saw the…

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