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Meditation for the Arcline and to Clear the Karmas
Mar 3, 2021

Posture and Mudra: Sit in Easy Pose with a straight spine. Relax the elbows down by the sides, and bring the forearms straight out in front of your body, palms flat and facing up. Have the palms slightly cupped, and place them a few inches above the knees.

Movement: Bring the arms up, back behind head, stretching the hands and arms as far back over the shoulders as you can. Imagine you are scooping water, and throwing it through your arcline, over your shoulders, with a flick of the wrists. The movement is smooth and gracefully flows along with the lyrics and rhythm of the music.

Music: Wahe Guru, Wahe Guru, Wahe Guru, Wahe Jio. I used the one by Giani Ji. On each “Wa-hay Guroo,” as well as on the “Wa-hay Jeeo,” do one complete round—scooping up, throwing over your shoulders, and come back to the starting position.

Eyes: Closed.

Time: 31 minutes.

To End: Inhale and stretch your hands back as far as possible, hands right behind your head, Posture for the Inhale must be correct. Hold for 10 -15 seconds. Exhale. Repeat 3 times total. Relax. Stay here for a moment breathing in deep silence.

Effects: This meditation is for the arcline and to clear the karma that has been stocked up in it.

Today, I completed 42 days practicing this meditation. I plan to continue for some more time. Initially, I wasn’t sure how I will I keep up with the 31 minutes. I decided to commit to start and maybe do less time during the first few days, and then increase the time as I went. Well, the first day, I didn’t feel the need to stop, so I kept going for 31 minutes, and have continued doing the complete 31 minutes.

There were days that I felt very connected, washing, and clearing my electromagnetic field. Other days, I felt that I was blessing myself, every time my hands were above my head; and other days I felt it harder to connect, those days. On those days, I chose to either focus on my voice as I sang the mantra, or move the mantra spiraling upwards through my chakras; these two work great for me to bring me back to my present moment. During the first days, sometimes I felt the need to cry, and to forgive myself and others. As the weeks went by, I have felt a deep connection to everything surrounding me.

One morning, I woke up with a deep, honest feeling of gratitude for every single circumstance and person that has been, stayed and left my life. I feel peace and gratitude with my past. These last days, I have felt more clear and open to new ideas and creations.

My biggest gift from this meditation has been the cultivation of inner silence, connection with the truth that we are all one; and connection with the higher guidance, that by meditating, forgiving, moving on and blessing myself, I open to the capacity to serve others from a better place and to listen for opportunities to use my talents and gifts to help transform. I had this need to find more clarity; the question always governing the higher part of my life is: how can I be of service to others? with this meditation my answer was, use the power of love, always when in doubt follow your heart and detach from opinions or outcomes, try to be present to not miss the opportunity.

Please share with me your experience if you feel inspired to practice this meditation and let me know if you have any questions about it.

This Meditation can be found in The Master’s Touch available from KRI.

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Yes, Eva! I’m sure it will. When we have a partner, a lot of the memories stay in our aura/arc line. I recommend to do it for 40 days, and depending on how you feel to continue. To me it was wonderful. I decided to keep going for 90 days.

Eva Glain3y

Hello, thank You very much for such an interesting article and a detailed description of meditation! I have such a problem… I cannot erase the consequences on my soul after parting with a man… Do You think this particular meditation can helps?