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Lorena Ulloa Mayorga

I am Lorena Ulloa. I practice yoga since 2007 and teach since 2010. I move around the world. Currently I live in the Dominican Republic. I practice yoga and meditate daily. I am dedicated to help yoga practitioners at every level to deepen their knowledge and develop their own yoga practice to strengthen, recharge, relax and energize.
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About Lorena Ulloa Mayorga

I am Lorena Ulloa. I practice yoga since 2007 and teach since 2010. I move around the world. Currently I live in the Dominican Republic. I practice yoga and meditate daily.

I am dedicated to help yoga practitioners at every level to deepen their knowledge and develop their own yoga practice to strengthen, recharge, relax and energize.

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Lorena Ulloa Mayorga
40 Days Meditating To Create Self Love

I decided to practice this meditation for 40 days in conjunction with the Kriya To Make You Beautifully Enchanting.

During those forty days, I noticed a transformation in my thoughts and in my perspective of myself.

I have noticed that this meditation helped me stay alert and grateful for all the wonderful things that happen in my daily life, some of which I sometimes take for granted.

I had days when I faced the reality of how I am my worst critic, and how there are limiting beliefs in my life that when I am planning or creating always come and want to sabotage my ideas. This meditation gave me an internal strength to recognize them as mine, accept them and at the same time, release them with gratitude. In my opinion, the greatest gift of this meditation was opening my heart to love myself and see myself with more compassion; and I found that when I do that, I also have an internal regulator to be more present to have compassion for others.

If we reflect on this moment of life, we will surely agree that now more than ever we need to have a strong self-esteem, and the cultivation of our own love is necessary and super important in our daily lives. We are full of information, we have it just with one click; and we need to have the sovereignty of our being to discern what is and what is not, what resonates and what does not resonate with our being. We are co-creators of our life and our reality and today more than ever that responsibility requires moments of prayer, silence, contemplation and gratitude.

This kriya helps to open the heart, create a positive relationship with oneself, and strengthen our ability to receive love.

Part 1

This exercise is called Reverse Adi Shakti Kriya. Here you are blessing yourself mentally and hypnotically. This own blessing must affect and correct the magnetic field. It is said that doing this exercise will hurt if you have a lot of anger. Self-help is very difficult for those who are angry. After doing this exercise for 5 minutes, your muscles may start to ache. The taste of your mouth will change if you breathe correctly.

Posture: Sit in an easy pose with your spine straight and hold your right palm six to nine inches above the top center of your head. The right palm looks down, blessing you. This self-blessing corrects the aura. The left elbow is bent with the upper arm close to the rib cage. The forearm and hand point upward. The left palm faces forward and blesses the world.

Eyes: The eyes are closed and focus on the lunar center in the middle of the chin.

Breathing: Breathe long, slow, and deep with a feeling of self-affection. Try to bring your breath to one breath per minute: inhale for 20 seconds, hold for 20 seconds, exhale for 20 seconds. * * If your current lung capacity does not allow this time, reduce each part to 10, 10, 10 or 5, 5 , 5.

Time: Continue for 11 minutes. Then take a deep breath and move slowly and directly to the position in exercise 2.

Part 2

This exercise will benefit everything between the neck and the navel. It will strengthen the heart and open the heart center.

Posture: Extend your arms forward, parallel to the ground, palms down. Stretch to the max.

Eyes: The eyes are closed and focused on the lunar center in the center of the chin.

Breathing: breathing is long, slow, and deep.

Time: Continue for 3 minutes. Then take a deep breath and move slowly and directly to the position for exercise 3.

Part 3

Posture: Stretch your arms up with your palms facing forward. There is no flex in the elbows.

Eyes: the eyes are closed and focused on the lunar center (chin).

Breathing - Breathing is still long, slow, and deep.

Time: Continue for 3 minutes.

To finish: Inhale, hold your breath for 10 seconds while stretching your arms up (try to stretch so much that your glutes are raised) and tense all the muscles of your body. Exhale. Repeat this breath two more times.

The Kriya is found in Self-Knowledge compiled by Harijot Kaur, p. 11, available from KRI.

This kriya is also known as Reverse Adi Shakti Kriya

Lorena Ulloa Mayorga
Meditation for the Arcline and to Clear the Karmas

Posture and Mudra: Sit in Easy Pose with a straight spine. Relax the elbows down by the sides, and bring the forearms straight out in front of your body, palms flat and facing up. Have the palms slightly cupped, and place them a few inches above the knees.

Movement: Bring the arms up, back behind head, stretching the hands and arms as far back over the shoulders as you can. Imagine you are scooping water, and throwing it through your arcline, over your shoulders, with a flick of the wrists. The movement is smooth and gracefully flows along with the lyrics and rhythm of the music.

Music: Wahe Guru, Wahe Guru, Wahe Guru, Wahe Jio. I used the one by Giani Ji. On each “Wa-hay Guroo,” as well as on the “Wa-hay Jeeo,” do one complete round—scooping up, throwing over your shoulders, and come back to the starting position.

Eyes: Closed.

Time: 31 minutes.

To End: Inhale and stretch your hands back as far as possible, hands right behind your head, Posture for the Inhale must be correct. Hold for 10 -15 seconds. Exhale. Repeat 3 times total. Relax. Stay here for a moment breathing in deep silence.

Effects: This meditation is for the arcline and to clear the karma that has been stocked up in it.

Today, I completed 42 days practicing this meditation. I plan to continue for some more time. Initially, I wasn’t sure how I will I keep up with the 31 minutes. I decided to commit to start and maybe do less time during the first few days, and then increase the time as I went. Well, the first day, I didn’t feel the need to stop, so I kept going for 31 minutes, and have continued doing the complete 31 minutes.

There were days that I felt very connected, washing, and clearing my electromagnetic field. Other days, I felt that I was blessing myself, every time my hands were above my head; and other days I felt it harder to connect, those days. On those days, I chose to either focus on my voice as I sang the mantra, or move the mantra spiraling upwards through my chakras; these two work great for me to bring me back to my present moment. During the first days, sometimes I felt the need to cry, and to forgive myself and others. As the weeks went by, I have felt a deep connection to everything surrounding me.

One morning, I woke up with a deep, honest feeling of gratitude for every single circumstance and person that has been, stayed and left my life. I feel peace and gratitude with my past. These last days, I have felt more clear and open to new ideas and creations.

My biggest gift from this meditation has been the cultivation of inner silence, connection with the truth that we are all one; and connection with the higher guidance, that by meditating, forgiving, moving on and blessing myself, I open to the capacity to serve others from a better place and to listen for opportunities to use my talents and gifts to help transform. I had this need to find more clarity; the question always governing the higher part of my life is: how can I be of service to others? with this meditation my answer was, use the power of love, always when in doubt follow your heart and detach from opinions or outcomes, try to be present to not miss the opportunity.

Please share with me your experience if you feel inspired to practice this meditation and let me know if you have any questions about it.

This Meditation can be found in The Master’s Touch available from KRI.

Lorena Ulloa Mayorga
Why Practice Yoga?

I have been asking this to myself lately, why practice yoga everyday? And my short answer is to reconnect with my essence, and inner strength on a daily basis.

I started practicing yoga in 2007. I am originally from Colombia and my husband is American. We met in Colombia and after we got married we moved to the US and then to Libya. We are expats and move around the world every three years or so. When we moved to our first country together, he went to work immediately and I was open to a new reality in my life. I had time to discover, explore, and I was in a place with a culture and a language completely different to mine. I was very excited and curious to discover this new life, but I was also longing for my family, my job, and my friends. I planned to find a job in my career and continue living kind of what I thought was a normal life.

I started looking for a job and it was not easy or even possible as I had thought it will be, and I started to realize that life was not going to be just what I had planned in my head; and in a way, I will have to let go of that life, and be born to a new one. I had difficult days, I sure was in love with my husband, but I was missing all the aspects of whom I used to be. One day, a new friend invited me to her yoga class and I accepted. I really liked her and I was trying to make new friendships and find my place in this new life.

I still remember vividly my first yoga practice; I had not taken deep conscious breaths in a long time. And as I was going through a big moment of transformation in my life, during that practice I got to connect with that peace deep inside me. That peace connected me with my safety and with the reassurance that everything was fine as it was, and that I could choose to either continue focusing on the past and the life that I had left behind, or come into my present and open my arms and my heart to all the new possibilities. Since then, I started to practice yoga, first, once a week, then twice, then three times, and two years later, I was doing it every day. Yoga time is always a moment of connection and tranquility.

We moved to a new country in 2009, Mexico. Life in Mexico was a lot easier, the culture and the language were like mine and making friends was so easy for me. At this stage, I was offered with the decision to go back to my career or find something new to do. I decided to find something new to do; my previous career was not going to be easy to maintain as an expat and I really wanted to live with my husband. I decided to become a yoga teacher, and to me it has been a perfect career; it is a portable career, and I can find new communities to teach and connect everywhere we go. I also have the option to manage my schedule in a way that I can be present for my kids, and our household chores as much as necessary.

As we live and move, it is always difficult to say goodbye to the life we created and start over again in a new place; I just like to trust the process. My strategy for life became to be present as much as possible and live trusting it all happens for the Highest good. I also try to say yes to as many invitations as possible during our first three months in the new country, that way I get a better sense of people, communities, and things to do.

Yoga helps me connect and feel well again and again. Not every day is easy, and our tours in new countries always go through different stages. It usually takes six months to feel home, and sadness always gets us when it is time to leave.

So, why do I practice everyday? For one thing, I am a very disciplined person, so when I commit to something I am all in. But mainly, because every morning, when I take the time to practice and meditate, I fill my self-care cup, I connect with what is going on within me, and move and strengthen my body, I know I take better eating decisions, and I connect and have the energy and the clarity to take on the day. As humans, we all have chaotic, difficult moments, and I am nowhere near done with the action/reaction game of parenting . All I know, it’s that daily practice helps me remember that I can breathe, that there are things that I can and I cannot control, and that always a good exhalation takes me to a better place.

I think that it is important for every single human to figure out what is that space or activity that provides that connection, that happy place that they can go back to again and again. And if you haven’t found it, I invite you to be open to say yes to new things.

I can tell you that taking an active break to oxygenate, recharge and relax is wonderful; and it connects you with your inner peace and strength. Give yourself at least 5 minutes for your self-care. Every day allow yourself to have that space.

My biggest inspiration to teach is to see the faces of my students after relaxation. It motivates me that more and more people in the world get to know how to reconnect with its essence, and its inner strength. It all happens one breath at a time, one day at a time.

Lorena Ulloa Mayorga
Cultivating Meaningful Relationships

At the moment I am going through a deep and committed Kundalini Yoga meditation and practice. I created a course for Prosperity and part of the process is to commit to 40 days of a specific meditation. I also gave as an option to choose a yoga practice and keep it for the 40 days. Some of my students are doing both and some only the meditation on a daily basis. I decided I will commit to the same “Kriya”, which is the name we give to our physical practice in Kundalini Yoga, for 40 days. I feel that we are always prosperous and with our daily commitments sometimes we misalign from our beautiful prosperous life.

This period has been great for me to reconnect with that inner essence of prosperity that is always there within me. I have had happy encounters with nature, I lost an earring in the sand at a beach and found it! I have felt the need to call friends and to use social media less to feel more connected in the real world. And I felt I wanted to read a book that I had read back in 2010. The book is about happiness, joy and how we each are responsible to identify and co-create that path for happiness.

We all have moments of joy and fulfillment but that does not always mean that we are happy, and at the same time, we sometimes have moments of sadness or struggle and still feel a sense of happiness. One huge thing that called my attention this time reading the book is about relationships. I want you to reflect and think about this, we always say and think that true friends are the ones who are with us also in the bad times; but really, it is easy to find people that will empathize, help or accompany us when we are feeling sad, misfortune or struggling with issues in life. The real difficult thing is to find and keep people that will rejoice, sympathize and fill our energetic field with even more happiness when we feel happy, or have accomplished something important.

Thinking about it, I have to admit that sometimes when a friend tells me that something great is happening or happened to them, even I have a moment to move that thought, possibility, excitement through my checklist, and decide if I feel really happy for them or I’m just saying how happy I feel for them but inside me, I’m thinking I also want that or I wish it was happening to me. Probably it has happened to you too.

So I decided that for this month and hopefully for the rest of my life, I am going to take a moment to observe and listen to why someone else’s happiness doesn’t bring me happiness? I can call on the grace of Understanding, to take the opportunity to see what I could be doing or what I am missing in my life that that other person has and work on that co-creation. I have also decided to take a moment to reflect and see which friendships have I cultivated where I feel that comfortable to share my biggest happiness; truth is that in my case there aren’t many that are that pure. I feel grateful for those friendships and I want to continue cultivating them as I move forward in life.

I am a firm believer that we are all one, and that as I heal and move forward in my spiritual growth, the whole collective does. Every time I forgive, that other person and I have a brighter path. Until every single human on this planet has their basic needs covered, we as a whole won’t be well. We can all do our part to be better each day, and by doing so, it is important to learn to hug and accept our shadows, bring them to the light and learn to dance with them. We are always responsible for co-creating our own path.

Lorena Ulloa Mayorga
Self-reliance and inner-strength

During these times of quarantine, I’ve had all kinds of emotions rising. I have felt tired of the routine, thankful for my health and my family, fearful for what “could” happen, and I have felt angry and upset for little and big things around my life. I have been in this yogic, spiritual lifestyle for 10 years now, and during these months, self-doubt and fear have definitely visited my head more than usual.

I practice yoga every day. I decided that as part of my practice, I will dedicate time for contemplation right before and after my meditation to bring light to these feelings to see what they wanted to teach me. It came to me that I still need to work on my need to control and in my self-reliance; there is only one person I can change, me.

So, I have been focusing my physical practice on kriyas for self-reliance and inner-strength. I figured that to really transform what I want to transform, I need to work on building my inner-strength from a space of love. That is the only way I will be able to deal with the different things that trigger my anger, fear and need to control . For this reason, I decided to create these series of four classes to work on our inner-strength and self-reliance. It will be 90min, once per week. We’ll talk about self-reliance, tips I’ve found helpful in the process and we’ll also practice yoga.

One of the big presents of this time is to go within, to observe how we react and behave under pressure; and what bothers us. The big and little things around us, in our minds and in our family members. In my opinion, only through self-knowledge we get to discover our strengths, weaknesses and how we can be the best version of ourselves. This self-acknowledgement for me is the base of any transformation.

What expectations do you have from people in your house? In your family?

How much acknowledgement and recognition do you need from your loved ones? From others? How much do you give with love? And how much do you give expecting to be “paid” back?

Pick five things that really bother you, can they be discussed? Is it something you can deal with? Is it something non-negotiable to you? Is there someone in your life that could listen to you without any comments or advice? Just to give you the space to vent and get it over with?

I’m convinced that our immediate family members are our biggest masters, and they’re here in our lives, as we are in theirs, to help each other grow and learn.

Dedicating time for me daily has always been important. And now during this intense period of time, I find it more valuable than ever. This way, I can be my best for kids, my husband and my communities. I meditate daily, and I still feel frustrated and angry about different situations; the difference now, is that again and again, I am able to observe, to react in a more loving or compassionate way, and I am able to recognize when I am completely out of my essence, and I need time to breath and reunite. There are issues that I wish didn’t exist in my life, that I wish that they would disappear in the blink of an eye; but really, only by recognizing them and dealing with them, I will help my soul to grow from them, I will change the perspective and I will bring peace to my being. I am a strong believer that I cannot do any of these intent transformations on my own. I know God, angels and good vibrations are here to support my path and everybody else’s path.

With a clear intention, and commitment, I can truly love, forgive and bring space and compassion to my transformation. I’m committed to bring acceptance, assertive communication and trust to my life.I found something that I needed to leave behind, and I started my journey. So here I am, inviting you to start your journey. What doesn’t serve you anymore?

Inner-strength and self-reliance will help you to feel connected and responsible for each decision big and small. I’m a big believer that the only person I can change is me. Through my spiritual path, I have also learnt that anytime I am presented with an issue, circumstance or person that I dislike, it is really a hidden blessing; and, if I decide to contemplate it and look for answers, I’ll bring light to the matters and grow from those experiences.

These series of classes will help you feel stronger and connect with your inner strength; and to know that you are stronger than you think, and you have the power to evolve and grow.

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