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Self-reliance and inner-strength
Sep 3, 2020

During these times of quarantine, I’ve had all kinds of emotions rising. I have felt tired of the routine, thankful for my health and my family, fearful for what “could” happen, and I have felt angry and upset for little and big things around my life. I have been in this yogic, spiritual lifestyle for 10 years now, and during these months, self-doubt and fear have definitely visited my head more than usual.

I practice yoga every day. I decided that as part of my practice, I will dedicate time for contemplation right before and after my meditation to bring light to these feelings to see what they wanted to teach me. It came to me that I still need to work on my need to control and in my self-reliance; there is only one person I can change, me.

So, I have been focusing my physical practice on kriyas for self-reliance and inner-strength. I figured that to really transform what I want to transform, I need to work on building my inner-strength from a space of love. That is the only way I will be able to deal with the different things that trigger my anger, fear and need to control . For this reason, I decided to create these series of four classes to work on our inner-strength and self-reliance. It will be 90min, once per week. We’ll talk about self-reliance, tips I’ve found helpful in the process and we’ll also practice yoga.

One of the big presents of this time is to go within, to observe how we react and behave under pressure; and what bothers us. The big and little things around us, in our minds and in our family members. In my opinion, only through self-knowledge we get to discover our strengths, weaknesses and how we can be the best version of ourselves. This self-acknowledgement for me is the base of any transformation.

What expectations do you have from people in your house? In your family?

How much acknowledgement and recognition do you need from your loved ones? From others? How much do you give with love? And how much do you give expecting to be “paid” back?

Pick five things that really bother you, can they be discussed? Is it something you can deal with? Is it something non-negotiable to you? Is there someone in your life that could listen to you without any comments or advice? Just to give you the space to vent and get it over with?

I’m convinced that our immediate family members are our biggest masters, and they’re here in our lives, as we are in theirs, to help each other grow and learn.

Dedicating time for me daily has always been important. And now during this intense period of time, I find it more valuable than ever. This way, I can be my best for kids, my husband and my communities. I meditate daily, and I still feel frustrated and angry about different situations; the difference now, is that again and again, I am able to observe, to react in a more loving or compassionate way, and I am able to recognize when I am completely out of my essence, and I need time to breath and reunite. There are issues that I wish didn’t exist in my life, that I wish that they would disappear in the blink of an eye; but really, only by recognizing them and dealing with them, I will help my soul to grow from them, I will change the perspective and I will bring peace to my being. I am a strong believer that I cannot do any of these intent transformations on my own. I know God, angels and good vibrations are here to support my path and everybody else’s path.

With a clear intention, and commitment, I can truly love, forgive and bring space and compassion to my transformation. I’m committed to bring acceptance, assertive communication and trust to my life.I found something that I needed to leave behind, and I started my journey. So here I am, inviting you to start your journey. What doesn’t serve you anymore?

Inner-strength and self-reliance will help you to feel connected and responsible for each decision big and small. I’m a big believer that the only person I can change is me. Through my spiritual path, I have also learnt that anytime I am presented with an issue, circumstance or person that I dislike, it is really a hidden blessing; and, if I decide to contemplate it and look for answers, I’ll bring light to the matters and grow from those experiences.

These series of classes will help you feel stronger and connect with your inner strength; and to know that you are stronger than you think, and you have the power to evolve and grow.

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