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Cultivating Meaningful Relationships

Dec 6, 2020
Lorena Ulloa Mayorga
Core Spirit member since Jul 14, 2020
Reading time 3 min.

At the moment I am going through a deep and committed Kundalini Yoga meditation and practice. I created a course for Prosperity and part of the process is to commit to 40 days of a specific meditation. I also gave as an option to choose a yoga practice and keep it for the 40 days. Some of my students are doing both and some only the meditation on a daily basis. I decided I will commit to the same “Kriya”, which is the name we give to our physical practice in Kundalini Yoga, for 40 days. I feel that we are always prosperous and with our daily commitments sometimes we misalign from our beautiful prosperous life.

This period has been great for me to reconnect with that inner essence of prosperity that is always there within me. I have had happy encounters with nature, I lost an earring in the sand at a beach and found it! I have felt the need to call friends and to use social media less to feel more connected in the real world. And I felt I wanted to read a book that I had read back in 2010. The book is about happiness, joy and how we each are responsible to identify and co-create that path for happiness.

We all have moments of joy and fulfillment but that does not always mean that we are happy, and at the same time, we sometimes have moments of sadness or struggle and still feel a sense of happiness. One huge thing that called my attention this time reading the book is about relationships. I want you to reflect and think about this, we always say and think that true friends are the ones who are with us also in the bad times; but really, it is easy to find people that will empathize, help or accompany us when we are feeling sad, misfortune or struggling with issues in life. The real difficult thing is to find and keep people that will rejoice, sympathize and fill our energetic field with even more happiness when we feel happy, or have accomplished something important.

Thinking about it, I have to admit that sometimes when a friend tells me that something great is happening or happened to them, even I have a moment to move that thought, possibility, excitement through my checklist, and decide if I feel really happy for them or I’m just saying how happy I feel for them but inside me, I’m thinking I also want that or I wish it was happening to me. Probably it has happened to you too.

So I decided that for this month and hopefully for the rest of my life, I am going to take a moment to observe and listen to why someone else’s happiness doesn’t bring me happiness? I can call on the grace of Understanding, to take the opportunity to see what I could be doing or what I am missing in my life that that other person has and work on that co-creation. I have also decided to take a moment to reflect and see which friendships have I cultivated where I feel that comfortable to share my biggest happiness; truth is that in my case there aren’t many that are that pure. I feel grateful for those friendships and I want to continue cultivating them as I move forward in life.

I am a firm believer that we are all one, and that as I heal and move forward in my spiritual growth, the whole collective does. Every time I forgive, that other person and I have a brighter path. Until every single human on this planet has their basic needs covered, we as a whole won’t be well. We can all do our part to be better each day, and by doing so, it is important to learn to hug and accept our shadows, bring them to the light and learn to dance with them. We are always responsible for co-creating our own path.

Lorena Ulloa Mayorga
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