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Capricorn Full Moon – See the Cup half Full

Jun 24, 2021
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As the dreamy midsummer mists clear today’s full moon in Capricorn brings unexpected blessings. Following in the footsteps of the Sun/Jupiter trine this earthy moon is here to help us ground Jupiter’s expansive gifts into reality. Pipe dreams can be made manifest under this cosmic influence. The mountain goat likes to get the job done. After all the view from the summit is far more expansive. Recent inspirations demand follow through.
Set your sights on success and trust the goat’s sure footedness.

Ruled by Saturn, the granddaddy of planets, a sombre tone colours activities. No room for time wasters or dreamers under this moon’s rays. But there is a generosity to this moon’s ambitious streak that counteracts the potential issues posed by two difficult aspects: Venus opposite Pluto and Saturn square Uranus. The Venus aspect ups the ante on relationship dramas with increased potential for manipulation, power struggles and the big green monster rearing its ugly head. Areas of conflict will be horribly apparent and tough love may be the order of the day. Use your emotional strength to find the expression required to bring deep honesty to your relationships. Remember the goat’s secret fish tail demands to be emotionally comforted.

We are still in Cancer season, the opposite sign to Capricorn which demands attention on family and home. Compromises will need to be made as you balance the needs of home with the desire to focus on work projects. Tensions can arise between what you need and what you want. The Universe tends to deliver the former so ensure that what you want and need are the same otherwise inner tensions and external pressures create the potential for chaos.

After the slow pace of recent weeks this action orientated moon can feel a little overwhelming. The Saturnian goat also struggles under the force of the moon so be kind to your physical temple. Good nutrition, fresh air, exercise and rest when you need it will help oil the wheels of achievement.

Overall, this moon is optimistic, generous and cheerful. It favours getting out and about. Spread your net far and wide. Accept all invitations. Powerful new friendships and alliances can be formed with influential people will help you succeed in wonderfully unexpected ways. Wishing you infinite full moon love.

Full Moon Ritual Meditation for Clearing the Mind & Developing Concentration

The energy of this moon can be a little overwhelming. To keep calm and positive practise the following meditation:

Get yourself in a safe, comfortable space, uncross your legs, close your eyes, take a deep breath, bring your awareness into your belly and …..take some slow, deep, quiet, long breaths in through the crown of your head and out through the soles of your feet.

Becoming aware of the space around your skin….tune into the stillness of the physical space you’re in and……… with each exhale just allow yourself to let go a little more, to sink into yourself and just relax deeper and deeper and deeper……

Imagine the crown of your head opening and a beautiful white light, like rain pouring down, through your open crown and washing through your brain and as that white light washes through your brain, your brain becomes empty and clear as the light simply washes all the words and thoughts away…………all the way, away now………… so the words and thoughts just drip through your brain, down through your arms and drip into the floor through the ends of your fingers and toes.

Beautiful white shower of light cleansing, purifying you, clearing you of the need to think, softening your mind, letting it go for a moment, just relax and let the white light clear the screens of your mind like the screen of thoughts just washed away …as a thought comes in it just gets wiped away through the white light of rain….continuing to breathe and experience ever deeper peace…..and ….

When you feel ready, wriggle your toes and fingers and come back to full waking awareness. Enjoy a good stretch and continue with your day.

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Stacey Gill3y ago

Definitely getting a solid dose of that Saturn business lately. The whole need vs want dilemma, and the dissonance of desire vs reality is in full force.

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