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It's what it says on the tin: I'll cast the Runes like one would with tarot in order to answer a question or provide insight on a troublesome matter. I place emphasis on solid, useable advice, as problems are not solved with empty platitudes.

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I read the Runes of the Elder Futhark as a means of identifying the factors present in a given scenario and from there, discern a course of action. I first learned this skill as a part of my religious practices, which are based in European paganism, and I found use of the Runes to be an excellent means of meditation on a subject or problem.

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On Core Spirit since May 2021

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Stacey Gill
Jun 1, 2021

That's a part of it. Wyrd is the ruling principle, in that there is not a future but a few which could coalesce. The readings help identify which proverbial threads to weave in order to cause - or avoid - an outcome. For more on the notion of Wyrd check out my article "What Are the Runes?"

Stacey Gill
Jun 1, 2021

So first I'd ask what your present circumstances are, nothing too detailed, just a brief synopsis of your current circumstances and whatever is causing you distress. These in mind, I do a spread much like one would do with tarot, and describe what I see here. I prefer to type up a PDF which details the entire spread as it gives you a document to refer to. The entire point is a sort of guided, functional meditation to silence the often noisy mind and focus on identifying the factors present in a given scenario. By using this and similar methods, you are better armed to take on life's many challenges by being more aware of the little factors that go into everything that happens.

Michelle Collins
Jun 1, 2021

Hi! Do your sessions include predicting the customer’s future? Thx in advance :)

Joan Wilson
Jun 1, 2021

Hello! This is so exciting. I would like to know exactly how the session goes. Does this practice help to improve mental and physical health? Thanks in advance!

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